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Coronavirus restrictions are to be further tightened in parts of England early next week, with the closure of bars and restaurants a possibility, the BBC has been told.

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I lower the volume down and go straight to the comments.

Author — Douglas Taggart


I wonder how many people will stick to lockdown rules during Christmas

Author — Conner Tomlinson


The BBC is a disgrace - MP's got a 4.1% payrise and barely a mention . The Government is causing absolute chaos with people's lives and the economy, a complete wrecking ball and they get a payrise ? While normal working people head to Foodbanks, the Job centre, poverty . Shame on you BBC !

Author — Paul R


That woman said hospital admissions was comparable to March. This is a bare faced lie.

Author — Ian Kelly


The only clear and present danger is The Government.

Author — Martin Heald


Average age of death by coronavirus = 82.
Average age of death generally = 82.

Author — Benjamin Gibbon


I don't even bother with their lies... I go straight to the comments. When's enough going to be enough?

Author — Gotthatgoin4me


This is a joke. We understand the virus a lot more and we should protect the elderly and vulnerable. Why should the rest of us suffer and the economy be crippled?

Author — Steve Myers


Why yes, turn the entirety of the U.K. into a dictatorship. That’ll definitely stop the virus from killing anyone else

Author — Obama Coupe


Stop this lockdown madness. Concentrate all efforts on shielding the vulnerable and keeping hospitals & GPs covid segregated and let immunity build up
It's early October, there's no way we can go down the road of lockdowns until the summer

Author — SpaceCake


"When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw".

Author — MrBIGTAI


You can only control people with fear.

Author — Andrew H


The government is yet to prove that the virus exists. Until they do, all of their covid legislation is illegal. See Coronavirus Act is null and void crowdjustice.

Author — alpha beta


Google search for yourself - Boris Johnson’s dad wrote a book called “The virus” in 1982

“renowned British politician Stanley Johnson, an exciting, intelligent thriller about the rise of a mysterious virus and one man's fight to stop a deadly pandemic”

Author — D D


Now imagine if mental health was taken this seriously

Author — Roselita


“New restrictions” funny you should say that I haven’t been paying attention and couldn’t tell you what the current ones are😂

Author — Ciara Edwards


1st class bbc journalism. Let's analyse a fly landing on someone's head.

Author — Sam Pearson


More restrictions are a great way the government will totally bugger up more people’s lives (mentally and physically), and their businesses and their personal freedom. More destruction to breaking up families too...

The government has to be accountable for their incompetence, and more importantly the many UK deaths they have caused (the care home disasters, the disregard for essential other medical treatments, suicides, depression.... the list goes on.

Author — M J


Let’s be fair, the North always has the toughest of everything.

Author — Anthony Grainger


So now not just BULLYING us with bs rules, but also STRESSING us first with the _THREAT_ of the bullying...

Author — Zanta