Juventus 3-0 Crotone | Ronaldo Hits a Brace as Juve Too Strong for Crotone! | Serie A TIM

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A first half double for Cristiano Ronaldo and a strike from Weston McKennie helped Juventus to a comfortable 3 points at home to Crotone | Serie A TIM

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36 years old and flying like eagle ,running like cheetah,scoring like Cristiano ⚽️

Author — 吳鳳Rifat


Ronaldo be like: No matter what, won't be scoring with my legs today

Author — Fan Site


so ronaldo basically assisted himself, greatest of all time.

Author — aaron


Very easily could've gotten 4 goals today... slight work for the GOAT

Author — Raymar Football


Ronaldo really took the rumors of Mbappé and Haaland replacing him seriously 💀

Author — X


Too much talk of Mbappe & Haaland.
CR7: And i took that personally 😅

Author — Prince


The second goal is magnificent, not even youngsters do that .

Author — X Æ A-12 Them


Ramsey makes the difference in Juve style of playing Football.
Chiesa worked really hard, as he always does.
Cr7 well his name is enough

Author — AR1ES


Everybody’s talking about Mbappe and Haaland, why’s nobody talking about this Ronaldo fella looks absolutely class

Author — Jake Round


Pace, shooting, heading, positioning, physical and much more this guy CR7 have .... really the GOAT...

Author — ajaykumar chauhan


In his prime Ronaldo would have scored like 4 goals, but this was an admirable performance from the GOAT.

Author — Krisztián Erdős


He shot from distance, missed, and was still the first one there to get the header. Incredible!

Author — Bradley Wedjane


Another game another *milestone* for Ronaldo...
*Now he has scored against all the teams in Serie A.*
Also, this was his *8th brace* this season.

Author — The Blissful Rudra_02


This is why Cristiano's my hero. He's still scoring goals without any drop in quality even at the age of 36. Absolute GOAT

Author — Adarsha Pandey


The first goal is something special from Ronaldo. If you look closely and watch it several times you will notices just as the ball is going to Alex Sandro, Cristiano peeks over his shoulder to see the defender and once Sandro has the ball Ronaldo darts into the open space for the powerful header. This is not luck people, this is extreme talent and skill.

Author — Stephano Gikas


The hunger from Ronaldo is insane. Just wants everything. Relentless GOAT

Author — The Dynamite Kid


Ronaldo : 36 years old.
Messi : 34 years old.
age is just a number.

Author — Bit Frost


its always been Ronaldo bringing the highlights from the beginnin

Author — TimeBucks


The Greatest header of the ball ever by a distance, 133 headers and still counting quickly 🐐

Author — It's Me


Hes simply the best, I think in the last few years a gap is visible between him and messi, Ronaldo is just better

Author — Julius Caesar