Gutfeld on the MAGA teen video

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Social media makes it easier for the press to manipulate us. So it's up to us not to take the bait. Hear Greg Gutfeld sound off on the controversy surrounding the now-infamous video of a confrontation between Native American Vietnam vet Nathan Phillips and a group of teens in MAGA hats. #TheFive #FoxNews

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Adults harassing teenagers... then the press shaming them... isn't that special?

Author — pawpaw pawpaw


Ok handsome confident intelligent catholic white boys, take this real life experience, use it to rocket yourselves into a successful college education. Use this disgusting feeling in the pit of your stomachs to determine your future. You have just had a taste of reality. It doesn’t get worse than this. You have shown the world that you have the balls to stand in the face of evil and smile! You did good gentlemen. You boys have an opportunity to become President and Make America Great Again!

Author — C C


for their school bus, were Assaulted 3 Times- by 2 racist groups, and by broadcast media. Civil Abuse, Libel, Slander and Defamation Lawsuit.

Author — EasyYog11


The kids never said anything to anyone all they were doing is chanting their school game chant, The Israelites and Native American were being racist to the kids.

Author — Nelda Johnson


I’m extremely proud of those kids. Everyone should take a lesson from them.

Author — Sarah Daniels


The most punchable face hands down is Don Lemon.

Author — Jennifer M


Juan doesn't know if they chanted "build the wall."  Watch the freaking videos Juan you race baiting poverty

Author — bill math


The most punchable face belongs to Juan

Author — J. A. Jasmooth with the Groove


why didnt the Native American man confront the Black Racists instead?

Author — Paul Livingston


You lost the plot on this one. You ask "where are the chaperones", but I ask you where did you see a need for them? These kids were doing nothing wrong. They were waiting there for a bus and were accosted, attacked, and belittled by other groups. They were attacked because they were white kids wearing the wrong hat, and you bought into it.

Author — The Guitologist


These boys did nothing wrong, they where just standing there when the guy came to them.

Author — Xenon n


Rude expression? Smirk? Wrong. FOX needs to get it right for once. Kudos to the young man for not backing down in the face of a professional protester.

Author — Army Mobility Officer


Where were the adults ??

4 'lack Hebrew' adults were acting aggressive and taunting the KIDS.
Kids asked their adult chaperone if the could do their chants to drown out the abuse.

Some adults

Another adult after watching this abuse didn't go after the aggressive ones but went up to a kid and got in his face with his drum

If you ask me the only ones that ACTED like were adults were the kids

Author — Gizmo Balboa


We know the truth. These boys did not start anything.
They were approached by racists and then the drumming Native American man got in their face. When you get in someone's face you are lucky if all you get is a smirck.

Author — Ted fedders


This incident is the most obvious case yet of the media using a scenario out of context to sway opinion. It's sad too, because people still won't wake up after this.

Author — Shotgun Arms


Garfield messes up here. He went after those kids just as bad as cnn.

Author — Black Goat


As a father I ask what kind of old man beats a drum in the face of a kid in protest?

Author — Mike Tindol


I been wanting to slam Greg Gutfield (who happens to be my favorite personality on Fox... never miss his show). However nobody is safe from my venom....
How the hell do you and a Multi Billion dollar company "F" up on a story like this....Forget about the Chaperone....Your a billion dollar company...where were You???? Where was the investigation? Where were you all to get the kids side of the story?...CNN talked to the Native
Independent Journalist were all on this and pointing our the discrepencies not you....Sad day for even Fox News who I like but is an obvious problem if they use CNN edited News film and polling and their you the leader of all News sources? Why aren't you controlling the Narrative?

Author — Icurious14u


I hope trump brings teens to white house for being the bigger man!!

Author — Patriot 101 0


Just exactly where were the kids going to walk away too?? They were waiting there for their bus to pick them up. I for one am tired of this just walk away and let the antagonist and the people that are doing the wrong get away with it. The hell with that, stand your ground... that doesn't mean start a fight but do not kowtow to these idiots

Author — Kevin Roberts