White House deputy press secretary blames Speaker Nancy Pelosi for stopping stimulus talks

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Our country is about to be pushed off a cliff. Buckle up.

Author — Albert Simmons


What about people going to work and get covid and have to stay home 2 weeks NO PAY? I know many people that has happened to. It's a mess. We need stimulus.
People that are low to lower middle class are struggling bad.

Author — Loraine R


Games Games Games ... sounds like Rome before the fall !

Author — Charles Canzater


Liars.... can do whatever it takes for judge but to bad for the people. Insanity genocide.... criminal

Author — Cat M


He just lost my vote, no matter what he says going forward, I am done with this idiot!!

Author — Daniel F


Isn't that cute, while the Executive and Legislative branches play tag, not only are we the people stuck with the bill, but we can't afford to pay it either.

Author — Skeptic one


The wealthy deciding what we deserve. Pathetic. It’s our debt at the end of the day!

Author — NC Styles


he has just lost the election, muppet

Author — Paulo Gouveia


Enjoy Trump supporters. You voted for this. Enjoy!

Author — Robert Polk


Everyone who has half a brain knows its Pelosi and the Democrats that have caused the delay! They don't want the stimulus now because it will hurt Trump's election chances. Anyone else who thinks differently doesn't understand strategy and politics.

Author — 2CardArsenal


You expect everyone else to open and return to normal business but the Senate closes as soon as 3 senators become ill

Author — Gerald Corbin Jr


Why is he against passing the stimulus? Its not like he pays taxes anyways!

Author — Troll Slayer


A man on a cocktail of all drugs plus steroids that we don’t know the the side effects of them mentally should not be making any decorations for our country right now!

Author — Essential Hard Worker


People need the stimulus checks especially single parents and homeless workers.

Author — CampioneDi17


No suprise here nancy pelosi always blocks everything who is good for the people she is trying to spin the bill for their purposes and trump isnt having it i hope he comes with something better. Nancy pelosi doenst care about you she only cares about her party and power. I feel really terrible for the americain people. Here from canada its sad how the democrats have become demons i call them demonRATS

Author — Surchaufeur


So many brainwashed people it’s hard to refute so much stupid at once

Author — WideAwakewatchers


He offered before. No confidence offer. He lied before. Trying to use Pelosi. Not working. Hold out for President Biden. 1200.00 not enough. Wait.

Author — sherijobs2


What a dumb move. He needs to talk this over before tweeting.

Author — Kier Lionitus


When did a potential mask mandate become a lock down?

Author — Jo W.


That’s one way to lose the election, keep it up!

Author — Rrsd 700