Protecting Ocean Anchor Species (360 Video)

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Protecting Ocean Anchor Species (360 Video)4.5

Anchor species like manta rays and whale sharks are vital to the survival of our oceans. But they are largely threatened around the world. Join marine biologist Luke Tipple as he swims alongside these magnificent animals and shares why we all need to protect them.

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I don't know why but did anyone else get some feels while watching this ?

Author — Heidi Waffles


Step 1. Mute video. Step 2 GO H.A.M. SPINNING THE VIDEO!!!

Author — Johnny Ambush


I actually like
I love these types of videos about saving the environment (because I want to become a marine biologist and research how human pollution effects fish and how fish interact with each other)
And it being vr is just so much more amazing

Author — Elliotic


Omg if u have on full screen u can look around on it

Author — SC YT


I seen this kind of video before it's so cool

Author — Amin Makkawi


1:19 is that thing behind the whale shark a mean "om nom, ima kill ya" shark or just another itty bity whale shark?

Author — Hart Bout


Didn't care what he said, just looked around

Author — Yes Im Going To Be That Guy


I was standing up and looking around like an idiot until I realized you can move it with your finger

Author — Lizbeth Bermejo