Coronavirus: New global outbreaks emerge - BBC News

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Fears are growing that it won't be possible to stop the global spread of Coronavirus. Health experts have warned that the chances of containing it are diminishing as cases appear in more countries.

Most infections are still in China, but significant clusters in South Korea, Iran and Italy causing concern.

BBC News at Ten is presented by Huw Edwards with contributions from correspondents Mark Lowen in northern Italy, Laura Bicker in South Korea and John Sudworth in China with analysis from the BBC’s Medical Correspondent Fergus Walsh and the Economics Editor Faisal Islam.

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It actually feels like we are in a game of plague Inc.

Author — Erik Van couter


we're in for a year the world will never forget.

Author — girvin clements


Everybody's a gangsta, until zombies start emerging

Author — Noir


"Fears are growing that it won't be possible to stop the global spread of coronavirus" YES BECAUSE OF DUMB POLITICIANS REFUSING TO RESTRICT TRAVEL

Author — LowleyUK


Bbc still sticking with "The seasonal flu is far far worse, ".
Yeah ok, if you say so.DUH
When's the last time your doctor showed up in full protective gear to treat your flu.??

Author — Douglas young


shut all airports down now, air drop emergency supplies, quarintine 1 month not 2 weeks .

Author — donald fee


The military should wear goggles. The virus is transmissible on eyes.



"...a virus they cannot see" as opposed to the massive virus that is so big that blocks your vision

Author — Francisco Bastos


The blood of millions is on the hands of those who cover up the truth.

Author — TheOneZenith


The way WHO is dealing with this (PANDEMIC) is scarier than the virus itself.

Author — Kay Lou


The earth has had enough of our crap and is deciding what to do with us all.

Author — Miami sands


5:14 did they just catch him like some kind of big butterfly

Author — Welhung Yong Man's City Wok and Tiger shop


Everything fun and games until the virus mutated and bring someone from the dead....partly.

Author — Jagoan Neon


O M G I didn’t know to laugh or cry at the SWAT catching a guy with a butterfly net! What have we come to?

Author — Caroline Filby


WHO: It's not a pandemic because we have just changed the definition of the word pandemic. Hah!

Author — puirYorick


How does it spread? Human contact.
So we need a mask? No not really unless someone sneezes on you.
Well I am gonna go stand in line with 1000 other possible infected people in the wind and wait for a mask... Brilliant.

Author — WaynesWorkVlog


Watch "Contagion" if you haven't. The plots are eerily similar to this outbreak.

Author — SMG Scorpion


WHO is a corrupt organisation don't bealive them.

Author — Peter Brown


The time for containment would have been when that Dr. Was warning others about it. Instead the government gave him a warning to stop spreading rumors or be jailed.
And here we are today.
Time for containment has passed.

Author — R H


This is why censorship is lethal - and freedom of speech is LIFE

Author — John Muir