Weekend Lockdown in Istanbul, Turkey Dec 2020

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Please bare in mind that this video was filmed 12/12/20 and things change quick so you should always check the latest news/info from the your embassy and Turkish authorities.
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Turkey has implemented a weekend lockdown from 4th of December for Turkish citizens and residents. The lockdown on weekends starts from 9pm on fridays and ends at 5am on mondays and people are only allowed out to buy essentials, there's also a nightly curfew on weekdays from 9pm to 5am but the restrictions above don't apply to tourists, meaning we can go out anytime. During the week everything is open as usual (following the curfew times) and on weekends a few things are still open (supermarkets, some tourist attractions and very few restaurants), the restaurants are only serving takeaway and costumers are not allowed to dine in, this applies on weekdays as well as weekends.
We try to follow the restrictions as much as possible like the locals do but since we have the freedom this weekend we decided to go out for a stroll and see for ourselves how was a weekend lockdown in Istanbul and here are our findings
- Public transportation is operating as usual (so it seemed)
- Very few places who serve food are open (but you can always find something so don't worry you won't starve)
- Locals and residents are complying to the restrictions, everyone we saw out today were all tourists and the occasional guy walking his dog, feeding the stray cats, going to/from work or grabbing some essentials from the corner shop (fines apply for those who don't and police is always on the look-out, again tourists are exempt from this rule)
- Some tourists attractions seem to be open (Galata Tower viewpoint)
- Streets are empty so good opportunity to snap photos.
This is it, if you have any questions just drop a comment below.
Stay safe everyone.


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Welcome to Turkey. If you are still in Istanbul, I would like to offer you baked potatoes.(KUMPİR)

Author — emre akkoyun


Price in Ringgit : when your bodies are in Turkey but your hearts and minds are still here in Malaysia. ✌🏼😁

Stay safe guys!
Turkey is very beautiful to explore.

Author — Fiezi Tahir


When you vlog related to Malaysia suddenly viewers jump high.

Author — saini88able


Welcome our countries.
I reccoment you visit Antalya.

Author — Berat Can Gene


You guys still have the currency conversion to Ringgit Malaysia 😃

Author — byrdworky


Turkey looks wonderful. I hope to visit one day 😍 For now we just travel through you guys. Stay safe!

Author — Sup3rnal


Thanks for sharing the prices in RM...😀 You don’t really have to though... nice touch

Author — Rizby Rizal Faiz


Have a safe journey in Turkey! Wondering if you guys planning to visit Uzbekistan or Iran in the near future. Your travel vlogs does help us to get a glimpse and info of the country.

Cheers from Malaysia.
P/s: the RM conversion was very thoughtful and i appreciate it a lot. :)

Author — Craig Ansibin


Turkey is soooo affordable, I see! That's good to know.

Author — Thirstytraveler41


I live in Istanbul, you are very lucky, empty streets are wonderful

Author — Defacto


Stay safe yourself
Take care guys 😷

From:kelantan, Malaysia🇲🇾❤

Author — khai Kelantanese


Thanks for showing the price in RM, take care there, love from Malaysia

Author — The Dressar


It's suppose to be sad but this is heaven for introvert like me XD.
This is the only time I would happily go outside.

Author — u not exist


Keep it up with the RM conversion a helpful way for those who wish to visit Istanbul and i m one of them😄

Author — Deffenie Teh


Quiet day in Istanbul....but still nice & fun to see you guys roaming the empty streets.... 😀👍

Author — i am Elfey


This is completely different from Malaysia lockdown. The town is empty but luckily there’s food stalls and also transportation is working. It’s raining and nothing much you guys could do. So you have to wait for Monday instead 😅

Author — Lynia65


Kinda strange when a jam packed weekend is quieter than weekdays. Stay safe!

Author — Jenut TN


Thanks for still providing the prices in RM!
Would you guys plan to go to Salt Bae's place? But I think it would be expensive..!

Author — ChrisKinster


@Travelgramers Joao, Cristina, most of your video comments are coming from Malaysia, including me 😁😄 it means we are very enjoying your travels and we miss you hahaha come back to Malaysia when you guys have the chance 🤩 😊 🇲🇾🇵🇹🇹🇷🇵🇹🇲🇾

Author — ino HonZ


Its good to see price comparison in rm. maybe 1 day if i wanna go turkey i can refer travelgrammers price comparison. 😄

Author — sogekingable