Mosul: Survival and division in Iraq after IS - BBC News

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The BBC's Feras Kilani returns to Mosul after three years of war against the so-called Islamist State in Iraq created a sense of national urgency and united Iraqis of all ethnicities and backgrounds against Islamic extremsists.
But with IS now on the back foot, the sense of unity looks fragile and old tensions between Sunnis and Shias seem greater than ever before.
BBC Correspondent Kilani returns to the battlegrounds to assess the human cost and ask whether this is really the end for extreme jihadism in the country

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Does anyone remember when Britain said they have Iraq WMD evidence? More than 250, 000 people have died in Iraq.

Author — 1.


Thank you BBC. This is the kind of reporting I wish we got more of in North America.

Author — K H Kazmi


How could a body be left there for over 6 months!
Even if it belongs to an isis militant, it's just a dead body, how could it be left like this! How could people be so afraid even to pick a dead body from the middle of a street!
And you call this a liberation !, This total slavery of people and thier minds !

Author — Muhammed Kurnasan


4:04 see that temple or whatever you call it :P read what it says....

Author — Orno Kundu


The funny thing is people get banned on YouTube for posting some bad stuff but if you are a news broadcaster then the terms of service dont apply to you on the same website.

Oh and im curious why this probbaly isnt age restricted and yet shows disturbing and sad images they dont even at least warn you about at the start of the video. I know this type of video has been uploaded before and i may be just sounding dumb but can someone explain how the BBC news can get away with this and at least dont make people aware your going to see dead bodies?

Author — NorthernLeigonare


*While the Saudi and UAE continues to live in luxury as it sit back and makes other nations to fight its ridiculous battles.*
Why don't they get over with this shia & sunni thing and let them a regional specific Islamic Jurisprudence or fiqh...

Author — Abhishek Sangavikar


There's two way of spelling IS the other CIA!

Author — Moonshine Buck


How can you blame the Shia that your precious city Mosul is in ruins!!?? Who else BUT them were supposed to drive Daesh out of there?? They helped you for Christ sake! Blame Daesh!!!

Author — Happy


Remember when US and UK faked Iraq having weapons of mass destruction and then went in and murdered 500'000 people? I do

Author — The Crusader


2:12 the tank was like "did something just hit me... oh well"

Author — Jon


>IS drones
Dayum, where did they get those?

Author — Disgusting Wall


That happens when you don't want to support the petrodollar.

Author — crazy crazy


©™ ALX ⚖ Observations ✍✍

The Ayatollahs, now having geopolitical geostrategic influence in Iraq, thanks to the US and NATO coalition, are the only ones consistently preaching to bridge the Sunni Shia divide exploited by the Western Governments owned and operated by Transnational Corporations who finance congressmen and White House campaigns and inturn use the military and CIA NSA FBI to leverage access to resources and markets for the benefit of stockholders equity and dividends and capital gains are dictating foreign and domestic policy for Uncle Sam who's dictating foreign policy for NATO coalition and EU members to some extent.

Author — ALX Armed Liberation Xecutive


Sickening! Bush & blair will have some explaining to do. At the weighting of the heart ceremony.

Author — Martin law


4:00 So what if they will return? The point is to welcome them with guns on your hands not with shouts of happiness!
You are liberate to be again a strong nation, so ISIS in the future will not harm you again!

Author — tsolias27


I still remember how AMERICA said that they will bring democracy to this country 😂

Author — McTapper


May peace be with the middle east forever more. When civilians do the leading(talking/mediating) rather than money hoarders, we get together and understand each other. We may not enjoy every aspect the other religion does but the most powerful weapon is the human mind.
Meanwhile Russia lost control of Assad, whilst Assad did the same and our president is a corporate puppet because so many errors were committed by the privileged and inexperienced self-praising oligarchs.

Author — Dan Bee


God watch over you all in Jesus name I pray for you everyday I am so sorry.

Author — Lilithofeden1


BBC are cheer leaders for war in Syria just like they were for war in Iraq. Deash happened because of that

Author — Without prejudice


Oh and another thing in Syria uk use thermobaric bombs, what a pretty sight that makes of its victims.

Author — Novocastrian Winter