2021 Kia sorento Interior 'Black' Exterior'Platinum Grapate' First Look - all new Kia Sorrento 2021

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2021 Kia sorento Interior "Black" Exterior"Platinum Grapate" First Look - all new Kia Sorrento 2021Gear
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O carro é fantástico...!
Gratidão pôr compartilhar!

Author — Costa Braga


What a beautiful car! IT'S MINE! I can't wait to buy it.

Author — Vince Bellisano


Each time I should watch this car through youtube even 5 menute....great, taft this car...
Blessing me my Lord....someday I can buy this car and own I only small farmer in small village at Yogyakarta...

Author — robert heruatmaja


Oh my gosh this looks so sexy. I’m falling in love 😻

Author — Gellopy


Enquanto a Hyundai CAIU drasticamente o design de vários modelos, a KIA cada dia se.supera e SURPREENDE MAIS

Author — Navegando por aí


is the sunroof included on the GT line?

Author — rmrfboy


Way too much brightness for the interiors, and the camera lens is not grand angular to observe the whole spectrum

Author — Oni Rico


До сих пор этот отдельный выключатель света под козырьком как на Sportage сиаром. А так - охуенная

Author — Niko Belik


Beautiful AF...I suspect they should easily sell 500, 000 of those at least!! 😉

Author — J Protege


Must hv this car I claim it in the name of Jesus totally in love.

Author — tammie woodley


يا ربييي ارزقني ب وحدةفهاد رمضان كما هاذي ،زكارة ف الكفار لي راهم هنا

Author — 22 février 2019


Muhteşem görünüyor şu anda kullandığım arabada 2016 model kerata otomatik dizel

Author — Abdullah Selçuk Atılan


When it will be available in the GCC conutries?

Author — Ayman Amy


I have the Kia Sorento 2019 GT-Line. I'm looking to switch up to the 2021 but I wanna know if there's any announcements on the gt line version of this? I wanna see what it looks like. Cheers

Author — Max Fürstenberg


I'm a 1A2B guy, can't believe that I'm considering to get a KIA over them!

Author — Kenny Suen


Bro yeb same desine mai aaiya kiya 2020 mai plz reply r u confirm??

Author — Ashraf09x


Сделали цену на эту машину мил.руб её брали, что не успевали делать

Author — Alex Spirin


The Telluride was excellent all around. Now, as an owner of two Sorentos, this new one has destroyed the simplicity of design, destroyed the dash with all digital garbage. Still hasn't gotten to that sharp looking dash. Too much stuff going on with exterior decoratives that aren't needed. Finally they removed the V6, I won't buy it.

Author — gombet


Oh God, grant us from them, Lord of the worlds
You are a sustenance, O God, Lord of the worlds

Author — mokhtar yahia


How much will it cost and when will it be released in USA

Author — Franchesca Steeze