Politics Today | 09/09/2020

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This is one of the looters we are talking about. He's heading a Major Parastatals that was supposed to lay the golden eggs for the development of the once great Nigeria, and yet remains unproductive, and he is happy. His predecessor, Maikanti Baru did the same thing, they continue to pay unproductive workers both at NNPC and the Refineries. They sit comfortably on the Niger Delta wealth while they personalize their gold and other mineral resources in the North. Imagine these bunch of Looters and Lawbreakers !!!

Author — Omo Abudansowo


Buhari should rinsing is telling Nigeria he has doing his best shame to Nigeria people a people who are full of fear will not move forward

Author — favour osas


The observed CHANGE has been PAINFUL and BITTER. Life is hard for the majority of Nigerians. We did bargain for this failure, tyrannical and disgraceful regime

Author — Bayo Fatunmbi


"You can't smoke cigarette today and expect result tomorrow"
GMD, what does this saying mean?

Why does he keep referring to smoking?

Author — Okechukwu Erinne


I don’t know why everyone in that zoo is so scared Fulani’s, see how scared seun is !!!!

Author — voice of Africa1


Channels usually have few more minutes to go until SAN Femi Falana begins to hit the nail on the head, then you’ll start seeing Seun scrambling to desperately end the program at all cost.😀😀😀😀 Truth is very bitter.

Author — Aluebho Austine


APC channel television seun always support BUHARI by force from his boss Channel tv CEO

Author — Martin Thomas


"More pay will come from resources you don't know"???
This Kyari was talking a whole lots of thrash and "smoking cigarettes".

Author — Anthony Ajibola Omoruyi


Why must Nigeria still importing gasoline and other petroleum products, when are world mayor crude producer

Author — Tony Agese


Please your comparison has no logical sense. How do you think common Nigerians will survive during this Covid-19 period

Author — Better Capella


@Channels news, start giving more time to intelligent people @FF & stop bringing dummies on your program, thank you.

Author — Just Owei


This gmd nnpc is just a puppet acting for buhari

Author — david ejiro


In Nigeria, deregulation talks always come up whenever there's a deliberate devaluation of the Naira.

Additionally, the only entity importing fuel is the NNPC and their cronies with CBN acting as Partners. The same people who wouldn't allow Refineries to work are advising all of us..

Does anyone really think these NNPC guys would allow a situation where deregulation would make them redundant like NITEL? Allow true deregulation and let's see how it looks like...These guys are lying..

Author — Anthony Uremeh


Mr Kyari are you more aware of what is going on than Falana. So now you understand that there can be reasons to increase fuel price. Go and ask Buhari to explain why he vehemently opposed increase in pump price during the GEJ regime. It means therefore that Buhari was ignorantly quarreling during the time of GEJ. Mr. Kyari, you and the likes of you are thieves and unrepentant liers, and you are very deceitful.

Author — Mike Farmer


They have increased the fuel price from 95naira to 145 how has it benefited Nigerians

Author — Osinakachukwu Okafor


I hereby declared Mr. Mele Kyari a clueless man and a man from Chad Republic

Author — Michael Onyeka


Honestly we need people like falana femi . God bless you sir San.

Author — jaysecom integrated resources limited


Where are all the people that protested in the days of Jonathan Goodluck? When the times get tough, cowards retire!

Author — Power Word


The same story is always told to justify the removal of petroleum subsidy. At the end of the day the citizens bear all the brunt.

Author — Robinson Osayande


Which president? Do we have president?

Author — Theophilus Imarhiagbe