⁴ᴷ⁶⁰ Rain Walk Late at Night in New York City | Relaxing Late Night Rain

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Rain walk late at night in New York City - Relaxing late night rain is recorded around Midtown Manhattan. Rain walk in New York City is relaxing regardless of the time of the day. Rain walk late at night with city sounds and glowing city lights has a calming effect. Relaxing late night rain is another reason to love New York City.

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So calm and relaxing. Love late night walk in NYC specially in the rain is amazing. Really enjoyed rain sounds, city sounds and glowing city lights. Great footage WRF. BIG Like 👍 👍

Author — New York Walker


Love the atmosphere of these rain walks. Interesting to see people still eating outside in such awful weather. Thank you for the upload WRF.

Author — Justkate


Beautiful light in this video - almost retro 70's appearance

Author — Phil Clements


So, there's a lady sitting in the street, wrapped in a blanket...and just up the street is a BIG sign that reads... "THANKS TO ALL THE HELPERS."

Author — Dennis Heaton


Walk Ride Fly, my new friend and fellow walker, I just discovered your amazing walking channel and subscribed instantly. These views of NYC are ones of true beauty and success, especially amidst the rainy scenics. Please never stop!

Author — Streets of Asia


The City That Never Sleeps, nice walk👍

Author — Mike Canadian Explorer


The early morning uploads are a blessing! Dig the rain videos. Hope to catch you live this weekend!

Author — KD


I'm loving d contrast of d vid lol, while d sound of d rain ☔️ is soo good for my ears to listen to it's very soothing & calming then my eyes are dancing too watching this amazing blend of colourful neon lights :) thx for sharing Rob take care.

Author — Happychicx


3:57 even the rain can’t stop the jazz musician.

Author — Sounds of the City


Is this a clip from a longer video? I remember that dude running into you, lol

Author — Zelda's Lullaby


Suggestion** could u plz write the time at which the video was taken ?? Regards

Author — Nida Zehra


NYC rain or shine the city that never sleeps! Gotta love the big apple 🍎 . Cool video

Author — NY DRAINS


🍎👍 Amazing. Such a cook cyberpunk aesthetic going on here. Love all the reflections and colors -H

Author — City Walks


The color is like a dream. Very nice. It's also interesting to see how the color of the screen changes with the ads on the display.
Thank you for sharing👍

Author — City Expedition


When I was in NewYork last year, it was raining like this. so missing...

Author — clara park


You make NYC look like a billion dollars 😍

Author — Inamerica3


I love this. I fall asleep to rain vids. But so glad you went out into the rain in Times Square for us. This was great 🤗

Author — Crystal Hickerson


0:36 guys write the name of this song please who knows PLEASE

Author — Jeamie Bridge


The rain is an absolute favorite, thanks for your efforts to put these on!

Author — Star Dogs


New York is so Beautiful at night. I love rainy nights, Awesome Video

Author — Lisa Anderson