BBC Travel Show - Kazakhstan special (week 40)

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In a special programme from Kazakhstan, Mike Corey explores the significant role of nature on the people of Kazakhstan and the travellers who visit there. He begins by having his journey blessed by a shaman, discovering how the ancient shamanic beliefs worshipping the power of nature are undergoing a resurgence in post-soviet Kazakhstan. He heads east to see the scale of the loss of the Aral Sea - once one of the world’s biggest environmental disasters - before going in search of the waters which are now returning and fishing with the local fisherman whose lives have been transformed by the sea’s return.

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I am from Kazakhstan and seeing this kind of "Shamanism" for the first time(I've heard about it though). It's seems like a sect of crazy people. It has nothing related to Islam.

Author — Zeyin Waqıt


Such a beautiful place with unique culture 👌

Author — My Time Capsule


What an adventure! With my favorite presenter, Mike Corey! Thanks BBC❤️

Author — Roland Chiapoco


Thats quite a route you made - pretty unusual to go west for visitors.

Couple remarks:
- That smokey `cigar` flavour you were referring to when trying kymyz (horse milk) comes from the smoked wooden barrel where milk is fermented. It is common to smoke the barrel with fumes of dried local miedicinal herbs, most commonly - Filipendula ulmaria (meadowsweet).

Author — Ruslan Nurkhanov


Just so we are clear whatever he is doing is culture at 4:40 it is not islamic. He is saying islamic prayers though.

Author — forever0042000