Modi speech: 1 decision, 5 targets, 5 nudges & a strategic point gone unnoticed | ep 240

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In episode 240 of Cut The Clutter, Shekhar Gupta explains the absence of Pakistan in Prime Minister Modi's important Independence Day speech and why his several "nudges" in domestic and foreign policy are a trailer of things to come

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Need this kind of analysis on TV instead of useless debates.

Author — Tulika Sinha


India have not seen such a prime minister in a long time whose independence speeches are being discussed and thought of as a peek into what he might do next.this is a changing india. Happy independence day

Author — Dalphaguy


India going in the right direction. Population control measures are an absolute must.

Author — stillwater 82


I am in 3rd Year of B.Tech. By 2021 I will become part of India's workforce and I am Fully dedicated towards making India a $5 Trillion Economy. Sir Students of my generation are very patriotic and hard working and we will not hesitate in paying taxes for the development of our country. Also, Entrepreneurship is on rise in kids of my generation. *Only Capitalism can make India a Golden Bird Again* We have to be an Economic superpower after US and China till 2050 at any cost.

Author — anant saini


This speech showed why we are different and much ahead of Pakistan

Author — Utkarsh Shrivastava


This is how u should criticize government..
Praise what good they have done, & criticize the same for their bad decisions. Constructive criticism always welcome, but always don't just yell at government like Raveesh Kumar



This is how criticism should be....it should help the government.

Author — Ashwini Tejeswi


I am Jain, much smaller community .. I dont feel unrepresented.

Author — saurabh


Mr Modi becoming more clever on diplomacy front. I think India forgot Afghanistan but I am wrong, mr Modi silently igniting the issue. Second MR sheker Gupta became true liberal now bcz he learnt a lesson that how to criticise without abuse . I saw many educated persons using vulgar language on social media and I always said that they are not liberals or progressives. They are just looking for intention . Anti Modi industry made billions of rupees from 2002 . Even many moron educated morons made bungalows by filling PIL against him on the behalf of foreign NGOs. They collects billions of rupees donations. I saw Rana ayoub met NRI Khalistani in Canada or USA got donations. Even she wrote a book of lies even SC contradicted his book claims. One more moron suspended IPS got too much money from India haters . They all are low IQ intellectuals

Author — Devinder Singh


Mr. Shekar changed a lot these days. Good analysis. Become a true media man with lots of knowledge. Don't be selective. Govt. /religion /ideology/history Might be wrong or right, tell the truth only. All the best. This is called achche din.

Author — Raj


I was born in 1996 so was too little to understand Vajpayee Ji's leadership
(My father says he is one of the most prominent and able PMs our country has ever seen..kind of like Sushma Swaraj Ji..loved across all party lines.)

But I can proudly say when I am old,
I lived to see this man NarendraBhai Damodardas Modi as our Prime Minister.
You may love/hate him but you can't ignore/deny his charm, leadership and oratory skills.

Author — Ezio Auditore


There is a lot difference between india and Pakistan where Pakistan pm and president speech on india centric and on ours there is not a single mention of Pakistan

Author — Vikrant Beekaravaar


Conclusion is clear . Modi wants to annex POK and become neighbour of Afghanistan

Author — Parag Kulkarni


Thank God he didn't mention a failed country which is known as Pakistan. We also have to stop giving them (bhaaw). Poori duniya me sbse jyada hum hi Jihadistan ko bhaaw dete hai. Our Army will take care of them. We should learn from korea, japan, france, US, how they grow how they become so powerful how they have better technology how they have better standard of living.

Author — Divyansh Mohit Speaks


He has made a great change by not mentioning Pakistan, virtually he don't have to now because he proved that he can tackle Pakistan without announcing it. Also he may have ended the long gone era of comparison with Pakistan, we shouldn't compare ourselves with losers.

Author — Harshpreet Singh


Remember... you were rooting for the joker pappu in 2019!!! That is why many people still don't subscribe

Author — Scott Haselbery


I don't know I feel very positive and energetic after hear modi's I am not a bhakt..

Author — Umesh Paliyal


Modi supporter here … I look forward to Shekar Gupta for objective analysis!!! 🙏🙏

Author — S C


Population control in India is inevitable and I'm glad that PM of our country is talking about some measures.

Author — Hemantharaju .H


Shekhar Gupta's monologues are a pleasure to listen to. The Print is doing good work (even though I don't agree with some of their reporting). I wish they get to a million subs soon.

Author — MrXperx