Pakistan Wants The World To Do Something About India And Kashmir

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Muneeb Ur Rehman was at home with his family when a mortar shell hit the house and killed him.

“He was hit in the head once, and one shell piece hit his leg. There was huge bloodshed, so much blood just flowing inside the house,” said Nazakath Ali Khan, Muneeb’s cousin.

Battal lies on the Pakistani side of the so-called Line of Control, a de facto border that splits the disputed region of Kashmir with Pakistan controlling one side and India controlling the other.

Islamabad and Delhi both claim Kashmir in full, but since the 1949 U.N.-brokered ceasefire, they control only parts of it — territories recognized internationally as Indian-administered Kashmir and Pakistan-administered Kashmir.

The two countries are on the verge of war over Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s move earlier this month to revoke Article 370, a constitutional provision that had granted special status to the region of Kashmir that it controls.

Khan told VICE News that since Modi’s move on Aug. 5, there’s been an upsurge in violence.

“It has become routine here — people dying here day by day. You can find there is more bombardment from India, there are more fighters, there’s more targeted killings from the Indian side,” Khan said.

To try to stifle any violent reaction, India has put the region it controls on lockdown. The military patrols the streets, and the internet has been blacked out. It’s the only Muslim-majority state in India, leading many in Pakistan and Pakistan-administered Kashmir to believe Modi’s move is motivated by extreme Hindu nationalism.

The situation has become serious enough that the United Nations Security Council met on Aug. 16 to discuss the crisis, the first time it met formally to discuss Kashmir since 1971.

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"There is no militant here"
"I want to take gun and fight THERE"
video perfectly summarized

Author — edgy Teen Boi


Pakistani Kashmiri: There are no militants here.
Another Pakistani Kashmiri: I want to take a gun and fight.

Author — Will H


War crime my ass, as soon as Vice news leaves, the AKs come out. 👏👏👏👏👏👏

Author — JW WESLEY


2:25 no militancy
Then comes I will raise gun and go to India 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣India refusing to talk.... 😂
Irony died

Author — tapan vishwakarma


Remember the girl is Muslim so ...
If you know what I mean

Author — John Cena


Vice news where is my popcorn 🍿🍿😂😂 i don't see any terrorist here binladen from pakistan...😂😂😂

Author — gopakumar p


How times change.
When Pakistan invaded Bangladesh they killed 3 million.

Author — vinm300


And if Pakistan want kashmir why it gifted over 2000 Square Mile area of Kashmir to china

Author — Shubham Dwivedi


Look like some one got paid well for this news 😅

Author — Prashant Negi


Many RAW agents are in this crowd... 😁🤣😅😂



3:05 terrorist spotted and ready to meet 72 vargin

Author — Gwen stacy


Did you cover how laden was found in Pakistan.

Author — Arghya Jana


Why didn't this lady asked the stupid prime minister of Pakistan that in 1999 why Gen. Parvez Musharraf attacked Kargil when India's prime minister Shri Atal Bihari Bajpayee went to Pakistan to talk and to make good relationship with Pakistan?? Why Pakistan back stabbed India in 1999 Kargil? Now they wanna talk??? As a representative of my country I will say "No Mercy" for Pakistan now.

Author — Mickey


Since when did Pakistani started speaking in English. They speak worst English than China in reality! And cruelty is done in Pakistan occupied Kashmir by Pakistani Stop this fake propaganda!

Author — Sam Taiwanfan


@2:10 we are living here from thousands of years... 😆😆😆 Islam was not there before thousands of years...

Author — all is well


How many of you got mislead and subscribed to the Pro Teror Channel.

Author — Suresh Reddy


Wasn't expecting such biased news from vice showing only one side without even trying to know other side vice is becoming al Jazeera

Author — Maeer Patil


1st time I have seen president, prime minister talking to vice media, and social-media influencers, food i like fear in their eyes.... Hey vice, see the dislike ratio...and try to understand the whole situation rather than seeing from one side...they were showing pictures of houses damaged from Indian shelling came to India and see how much damage they have done to our houses....fuckin biased

Author — subrat suman


2:25 no militants here like osama used to live on moon

Author — Rudra Singh


2:28 Yeah... Kick the _Forefathers™_ (Kashmiri pandits) out of their 1500 year old heritage and some _random arabic stuff_ just installed in 13 century claims that it's theirs... *LOL*

Author — Earth K