Is War Over? — A Paradox Explained

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We live in the most peaceful time in human history. Wait, what? Seriously? That can't be right, there are more wars than ever! Well, no and they're killing fewer and fewer people, even though the world population is at an all-time high...and the numbers prove it! We explain how we came to this conclusion, and why war might... go away.


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Steven Pinker: The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined (book)

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Author — Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell


No, war will never end.

As long as we have the youtube comment section....

Author — BlueLizard87


why is there so many quotes that i didn't say?
-Albert Einstein

Author — Xboxalligener


"If we just never declare wars, then they don't technically count as a war. World peace forever!"
~every world leader since WW2

Author — nairda55555


"The borders are mostly fixed now"

*Laughs in Balkan*

Author — Έλα ρε συ


Peace: *Exists*

Armenia and azerbaijan: We don't do that here.

Author — R4veN34


“The world has enough for everyone’s needs, but not everyone’s greed.” -Gandhi

Author — FRISHR


Switzerland: What is this "war" thing everyone is talking about?

Author — Crystal Cat 100


Finally, humanity will actually be "mostly harmless"

Author — Ian O'Keefe


Kurzgesgt : Makes a video made in 2014 asking me if I feel gloomy

2020 : hold my beer

Author — iBgibbs


The nuclear bomb makes war impossible to win in a lot of cases. War is arguably less likely now but the consequences of war would be infinity worse.

Author — colorado841


1:57 - "All but a few islands were independent"
America - "Yeah, so?"

Author — Nolan Peterson


Every nation in the world : I fought so many wars in my history I can't continue to go to war against some other nations
Switzerland : Oh no why is there no wars anymore I want something to watch while eating popcorn

Author — Mathendro


"War, War never changes"

-Todd Howard, former US president

Author — Constable Dodo


War isnt over just yet. We still have one more war

Imperials vs stormcloaks

Author — DaReal DaBaby


Peace: exists.
The rise of authoritarian regimes and backsliding democracies: I'm about to end this man's whole career.

Author — dr. Carmichael


"Mom can we have M4 Sherman ?"
"No we Have M4 Sherman at home"

M4 Sherman at Home: 0:25

Author — Avro Elite


"Mousetraps invented the humans, but no atomic bomb would ever construct a mouse"
- Einstein Albert

Author — donbasuradenuevo


This is the most hopeful thing I have heard in a long time. And much needed in the closing nights of 2020.

Happy holidays. Thank you Kurzgesagt. Hope your staff is getting plenty of sleep, appropriate amounts of H2O, and staying safe in properly breathable air.

Author — John Diveris


That awkward moment when a Kurzgesagt video doesn't give you an existential crisis.

Author — Burn Angel