7 Places Your Money Needs To Go (How To Save Money)

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In this video, I will share a simple, yet effective seven-step process to obtain financial freedom. How do you handle money after you have been paid? Where do you spend money? Do you have multiple bank accounts? This video will outline the seven steps that you may want to consider taking when you receive a paycheck. I will show you exactly how you can cut expenses, save money, and build a brighter financial future.

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I am not a financial advisor. The ideas presented in this video are personal opinions and for entertainment purposes only. You (and only you) are responsible for the financial decisions that you make.

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It's really unfortunate this isn't taught in school.

Thanks for being our teacher Nate!

Author — Investing Engineered


13:11 yooo who's watching this in 2020 with the whole COVID-19 stuff happening?

Author — Isaac Thomas


I am currently 16 years old, your videos are going to save my ass

Author — connor a


"think of the future, things can always go south" LMAO, what a prophecy

Author — K


Emergency fund is so important! Most people get in debt because they don’t have an emergency fund and are forced to take a loan out to cover an emergency expense.

Author — Rodas Yonass


I taught my children how to manage money. (savings, retirement plan, the difference between a want and a need, etc) My teachings have paid off and I am so glad I took that time with them:-)

Author — Gail Hawkins


The number one reason people are poor is because of this thing called "instant gratification". If they can delay gratification, they will be rich period.

Author — Kelvin SC Tan


I’m telling you, having that 4-8 month payroll is worth everything in gold! I lost my job and had started searching for new ones that fit my needs. Took about 2 months. My payroll fund had me covered no problem. Not having to worry AT ALL about how you’ll pay your bills is a god send and I recommend EVERYONE do this as well. Looking for a new job almost felt like a short vacation haha I was able to take my time finding the right job for me rather than taking what was available to start paying the bills. Thank you for sharing this information, a lot of people could use it myself included.

Author — Santi 95


Guys read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” it could potentially change your views about finance and overall change your life.

Author — Emperor Palpatine


As a retired teacher, I can honestly say that this and other life skills isn't taught in our schools, which is unfortunate. This is good info for everyone. Thanks for doing this.

Author — Norman Dea


Nate I started watching your videos 3 months ago and I had 45 dollars and my checking account applying some this advices i opened couple savings accounts and I have 5k dollars and my finances under control. now I getting ready to start investing in market stock .... nate thank you your doing a great job

Author — dylan F.A


Always pay yourself first! So important to financial wealth.

Author — Mike Moore


My father taught me.

1. Pay your rent first ( you have a location for help, people know where you are and your out of the cold, don't fret about food, you can find a soup kitchen, you can buy from the going off section and freeze it and make it last, don't worry about heating and hot water, you have clean water to drink and can use a rag to wash, and double up on clothing to keep warm.

You can buy your clothes at a charity shop and good will, double up on blankets, find second hand furniture and make it work for you. And while you do all that to survive, you can sign on jobseekers and educate yourself, learn a trade and when you become independent and don't need support remember always pay your rent first.

Author — Muddles Jamz


Keep teaching the youth man, this is great. I’m taking good value from every single video. Saving is hugeeee. Wish everyone a blessed week ! Work hard

Author — Noah


Probably biggest takeaway from this video: 16:30 you have to run yourself like a business. I think once people understand that they are their own life manager they might consider not spending their money on the newest iPhone every single year.

Author — Dhukino


Yes, it can go south. So south... *cough*Covid-19*cough*

Author — taylor maclean


I was able to pay bills using side hustle income and saved all my main job income! Wonderful

Author — Saiga Legacy


I respect all of you here, learning finance for yourself! The first step to success is a willingness to learn! Thanks for the information, Nate.

Author — Erik Valencia


I'm glad I found your channel. You are sorta like Dave Ramsey without the patronizing and condescending overtones...

Author — Lee Ilse


I literally learned none of this in school. Seems like it is program for us to stay dumb and spend frivolously.

Author — Well Balanced Wallet