15-Year-Old Climbs Tree in Florida to Escape Alligator

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15-Year-Old Climbs Tree in Florida to Escape Alligator5
A terrified 15-year-old girl clung to a tree over a Florida lake, an alligator hissing below, as her mother frantically called 911 for help. "My daughter is stuck in a frickin' tree and there are gators surrounding her. We can't get her out. She's just 15," the mom cries. "Oh my God. Please hurry! Please hurry!" The girl had been rafting in Freak Creek during a family outing when she noticed a gator following her in the water, according to the Lake County Sheriff's Office.

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30 That should be like 5 minutes if the girl was losing her grip and she had fallen she would have been DEAD and SHE IS ONLY 15

Author — blanca LIBERTO


30 min? The mom is yelling her head off and you take 30 min?

Author — Chicken Soup


It took 30 minutes for a officer to show up when a girl is about to be eaten by a alligator



Video:Get this! The Gator tried to attack him too!
Me: Really? I thought the gator would be a sweet heart and kindly do what he says

Author — bts& got7


Video: get this the gator tried to attack him as well
Me: surprising🙄

Author — Abby Cantu


“He was forced to open fire.

The gator was dead.”

What a narrative

Author — VPN


Wow! Cop arrives after 30 min!!!!
That's trouble

Author — Alawdi Family


Takes 30 minutes to save a person from being eaten by a gator.
If she said the girl was smoking weed, it would only be necessary 3 minutes. Nice cops.

Author — Francisco Coelho


Lesson learned... go to a public pool or water park with big ass slides 🤦🏽‍♂️

Author — G 92


*Friends theme song plays*

*Florida Edition*

No one told you life was gonna be this way *Chomp chomp chomp chomp*

Author — Mukbangs R Us


Not trying to say anything against them but what the hell do you think is going to happen when you go into there habitat what if someone was robbing your house and you tried to call the cops and they shot you for protecting your own house

Author — Carleigh Arrington


I always thought Florida would be a good place to visit, well nevermind

Author — Yim Ying Lam


At least those Gators didnt know how to climb

Author — god is here


Now we know she is the very few that can pass the 100 second pull up bar hang.

Author — ArTicc Dub


"Get this, the gator tried to attack him, too!"
As if the gator knew this was guy was a cop.

Author — doodle


Ik this is rude but am I the only one who laughed at that ? 1:02 😂

Author — Chase Ty


I wait for my pizza delivery less then 30 minutes...

Author — Leksa


I thought the mom said there were multiple Gators under her daughter. Glad it was actually one and the girl is ok. That 30 minutes though?

Author — Cajun-Brat


Operater: Ok
Operater: You know ima just wait here 30 minutes and let them try to do it then I'll call for help

Author — Angie Potato


With my luck a python probably would have been in the tree.

Author — lisab theboss