Madeleine Albright: I'm Warning The American Public | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright joins Morning Joe to discuss her new book 'Fascism: A Warning' and what aspects of fascism she sees happening in the U.S. now.

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Madeleine Albright: I'm Warning The American Public | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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America has lost track of democracy....greed has taken over 💰

Author — CA C


Madeleine Albright - The deaths of 500, 000 Iraqi children was worth it.
And now she talk about "fascism" !? What a Wonderful World...

Author — Elias Srg


I see a lot of comments undermining the harmful nature of the fascist ideology by criticizing Albright’s statements where she justified the Iraq war. While she was wrong in saying that, let’s not undermine the threat of fascism. Both fascism and Western imperialism have harmed and led to the deaths of millions, however they’re not so different since history has shown several instances where America carries out a regime change to remove left leaning democratically elected heads of state and replacing them with fascist dictator puppets. Just look at Chile’s Allende for example or really any other Latin American country’s history. The fact is that Western imperialists and fascism go hand in hand since they both have the same fundamental hierarchical ideology that places the importance and freedom of a certain group of people over another.

Author — Ultron-5


The anti Christ and his goons are working over time 👿 👱😈 👮👿

Author — dark window


When are Americans going to learn that being wealthy is NOT a qualification for holding public office..?!

Author — Tessmage Tessera


Oh, look.
A rich, milk toast, democratic, hose bag who recieved thousands upon thousands for her corrupt vote for big pharma and the wars.
She was okay with killing kids, as long as the outcome defeated the means.
She wrote a book on fascism? How does she know fascism? By enforcing it?

Author — Don F


Madeleine Albright, she once said that during the war on Iraq that killing 100s of thousands of children was worth it for the results from the war. I have no respect for her nor what she has to say period.

She is as far from being worthy to sit in front of a camera to speak to the public as is possible in my books.

Author — Fresh Impact Co.


Our optimism in America is based on romanticizing the American past.

Author — Ian Ford


All it takes is a will to do nothing. First they came and I did nothing. Then they came for and I did nothing. Finally they came for and there was no one to help. Fill in the blanks as you like, the story is always the same.

Author — Robin Fleet


The constitution was written specifically to put in writing exactly what the Federal Government COULD NOT do to the States and We the People.

Congress, various president’s and the Supreme Court have been abusing their constitutional authority for over 200 years and now We the People have a Socialist Government that the Founding Father’s would literally go to war to overthrow... as described in the 2nd Amendment.

We really need to keep voting incumbents out of office every election until our government returns to what the Founding Father’s gave us.

Author — G Foremanski


This demon Albright is responsible for the deaths of millions!

Author — NadaVERSE


BTW, where do all these spy bots commenting on this come from?

Author — Michael Parrott-MacLeod


Never had so much media on other presidents. ..fixed because trump hates the system

Author — Spirit Warrior


"It's Article 1 Time", exactly.

Author — PaulGreen11


The last time the U.S. followed one of her warnings, it involved Iraqi sanctions and cost them 500k lives. I don't think we can afford to listen to half-bright's advice.

Author — donald johnson


It's always good to hear the opinion of a war criminal. Expire now, Albright.

Author — philosophical wisdom


Trump tries to squash anything that criticizes him.That in itself is enough to raise questions....

Author — Jay Jackson


Ha! MSNBC is owned by comcast. You guys think your watching real news! Love you guys. Hope we can all make an agreement to live together and prosper regardless of this disagreement. I Think Donald Trump is a calculated tool distracting you all from whats really going on. Take yourself out of the two sides and look at it from a non bias standpoint.

Author — Andrew Powers


Love how erudite she is and how precisely she speaks. I hope to be as powerful at her age.

Author — Jonathan King


A fascist is bad enough. A fascist with dementia and access to Twitter is a whole new ball game.

Author — Edward Fielding