EMBARRASSING Premature Celebrations in Sports || COMPILATION

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Today we present EMBARRASSING Premature Celebrations Compilation.

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It's mind blowing how many guys toss the football behind them at the 1

Author — tim


Honestly the basketball buzzer beaters shouldn't be on here. No way of knowing a shot like that is late without replay so I don't blame them for celebrating in the moment.

Author — Jonathan Constant


Whoevers decision it was to put the word sideways needs to be fired

Author — Brian D'Allura


I don`t think NBA buzzer not-beaters count here. Just not in the same category as dropping the ball on 1 yard line

Author — LegendaMK


That track runner was the biggest loser in my book.

Author — Isn’t My Love Doll Gorgeous?


When my son was 8 he slowed down going into the endzone. Even though he scored I chewed him up really good after the game about sprinting through and finishing the job first. Now he runs to the back of the endzone.

Author — Nino Brown


Barry Sanders had some of the most amazing runs ever in the NFL and when he scored he would simply hand the football to the referee.

Author — Eric Lopez


Coaches should show this video before every practice.

Author — String Theory Guitars


5:17 to be fair it didn’t look like Cook was showboating at all, he just dropped the ball

Author — BLKSG6


I'll never understand the dropping the football before crossing the goal line.

Author — Carl Smith


"He DeSean Jacksoned it at the 4!" *very next two are of DeSean Jackson* Oh my goodness....

More compilations please!

Author — Obinna Nwakwue


That's why never give up on the play even if you think it's impossible to catch-up.

Author — TampaTec


That volleyball huddle was really funny.

Author — Head Librarian


Well, i think that is ON the rest of the team, not on the player. Even if he slowed down with still 30 yards ahead, he already made the sprint... And the team just left him alone

Author — Marco Peña


4:44 - He WAS a Philadelphia Phumbler! Just like the OTHER Philadelphia Phumblers!

Author — Robert Lopresti


මේ ඊනියා මවුලය ගැන ඔබ ඉයන් ගාර්නට්ට පැවසුවේ කුමක්ද

Author — Theresa Spencer


You forgot one: TPS almost makes a great compilation video FTW, then decides to position description text sideways. Fail.

Author — Jace The Face


if u make a shot at the buzzer and had i called off thats different

Author — RTM


I’m digging these montage style videos with no host. Not saying that in a negative way because those are just as good when some explanation is needed but to simply just watch, these are legit. Keep it up yall!!

Author — Zack Shobe


Shows how stupid some players can be, they’d rather showboat then do their job the right way

Author — David Hose