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NPR's latest analysis of the Electoral College map shows a continued shift in former Vice President Joe Biden's favor over President Trump. NPR's Domenico Montanaro and Asma Khalid explain what the latest projections could mean for each campaign.


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💬 Comments on the video

Biden winning Georgia where I live is literally laughable, and I'm a Democrat. This state hasn't seen Blue for a president since I've lived here.

Author — DaveG66


I remember why I dont listen to npr during voting years

Author — chris hicks


Everyone at NPR wants Biden to win. I think it's call "confirmation bias."

Author — gile mcokon


Seeing what Asma and Dominico talk on camera is weird haha they’re usually just disembodied voices in my headphones

Author — Caleb Gonzalez


Florida blue? I’ll believe it when I see it.

Author — Joker2CoLex


Toughest jobs in U.S. right now:
1. Health care worker
2. Police officer
3. Joe Biden Sign Language interpreter

Author — xamot80


Who is doing the polling y’all are referring to?

Author — Justin Ranson


When your prediction is lead by your interest rather than data...stop calling yourself a scholar.

Author — yohanes nugroho Widiyanto


Don't forget NPR predicted as slam win for Hillary God they were wrong I think they are wrong again President Trump will win

Author — Joe Pierre


They're gonna be crying just like they did in 2016.

Author — caligirl3000


Stay vigilant, people. I was listening to an NPR analyst in 2016 who scoffed at the question and said Trump would never be President. Hillary was ahead in every poll.

Author — Tim D


I predict they will be in tears once again..

Author — Colt 45


I can see joe biden winning but i wouldn’t be surprised if trump wins again

Author — Matt Barger


On a personal note: It's nice to see faces behind my favorite pod-cast.

Author — TeCuervo


I can’t wait to watch this on November 4th.

Author — Gary Williams


Good presentation. Seemed concentrated on news about democrats. Would like to see more information about both sides.

Author — Yama Sultani


its amazing how Republicans supposedly conservative will stomach this president at any cost just so that their party wins, it does not say much about people's moral compass for a lying racist President who is self serving and idolizes money over human life. He did nothing for health reform, nothing for opioide/heroin crisis, devastated our farmers and milk industries. Showed zero leadership with Coronavirus and sowed division and you think people are not fed up with him already.

Author — Ivonne Morales


Just watched the first minute till I realized this was joke 😂.. you had me lol

Author — Pat Google


it never stops being disturbing to me when head covers are just presented as a normal practice.

Author — TIGER II


Nice sound effect when it turns to blue, I wonder what sound effect will have when it turn into red, probably error sound

Author — Dark Spectro