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Many people don't remember a Germany that wasn't run by Angela Merkel. Germans go to the polls again in late 2021, and Angela Merkel has already announced she won't run again. With no clear successor, a power vacuum is brewing in Berlin. The coming months will determine Merkel's legacy, and the future of Germany and Europe. So how did she get to where she is? How did she manage to stay in power for so long?

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Better to have a "boring" politician than to have a clown at the helm

Author — Crow Requiem


She never get angry with unnecessary things.

Author — jib


This woman is Chancellor since my third birthday

Author — AkteNö


She’s politically smart and knows how to play the game

Author — Tristan Möller


in this world of trumps, Putins and Erdogans its good to have that "boring" woman, who you just cannot provocate....

Author — Jan Felix


I have the bad feeling that everything is going to go downhill when she's gone. 😶

Author — Alina Timmer


Her nickname in germany is "Mutti" which translates to "mother", because despite being criticised, almost everyone admires and appreciates her work. We will truly miss her, the most powerful woman in the world <3

Author — John Cena


When your name is so long even germans invent acronyms for it

Author — wrgsf13


Risikomanagement ist die Frau vorbildlich, One of her best skill is risk management. Remember all the world wide crisis we got last 16 years. Shes doing realy great

Author — Peter Lustig


I think the fact that she has a degree in a field of science gives her the ability to analyze and conclude very thorough. Although she seems slow I think she is extremely calculating

Author — Lee & the BOT


„What happens when she leaves ?“ is the forbidden question in germany. Its running down my neck... da will ich gar nicht dran denken tun

Author — Len hard


The most underrated politician ... I don't think that people realize what this woman meant for Europe, politics, women...

Author — Teodora M


And then, there are few people wo say: "sHe iS a diCtatoR"

Author — Mr_Daywalker1995


She is pretty "boring" on the surface and makes rather safe decisions most of the time. But some of the stuff she says when speaking in parliament is gold, I am just sad there aren't any English subtitled best ofs i can link here xD

Author — Janny


So many people in the comment section who think that the length of a leader's time in office has something to do with dictatorship. Guys, read a little! Dictators end or seriously cripple the democratic process and democratic institutions. It's NOT about how long you stay in office, but about WHAT YOU DO to stay there.

Author — E.


boy she was pissed when obama had her cell phone tapped.

Author — Axle Grind


In Germany we say: „Sie ist unsere Mutti“

Author — Justin 72


She will be remembered as a good politician. Not perfect, but good, which is way more than pretty much any politician out there. In the world.

Author — g e o


I was missing the 08 financial crisis and Merkel's crisis Management, which cemented Merkels Leadership role in Germany and EU.

Author — Veritas B.


“I’ve known a great many clever men. I’ve outlived them all. Do you know why? I ignored them” – Lady Olenna Tyrell

Author — Jk3 Jk3