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The World Health Organisation says Europe is now the epicentre, of the global coronavirus pandemic. The news emerged as organised sport, both professional and amateur, across much of the UK, came to a standstill because of the outbreak.

The Premier League, English Football League and Scottish Football Association have all called a temporary halt to fixtures until the 3rd of April. In rugby, all Six Nations matches have been cancelled this weekend, and next month's London Marathon, has been postponed.

The advice now in the UK is that if you have a high temperature, or a new persistent dry cough, then you should self-isolate, for 7 days.

Meanwhile in the US Donald Trump has declared a "national emergency" in the United States in response to the threat from coronavirus. Responding to criticism, he said many more Americans would be tested for the virus -- and said his administration's overriding goal was to stop the spread of the disease.

Fergus Walsh, Dan Roan, Vicki Young and Nick Bryant report for the News at Ten presented by Clive Myrie.

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Dude Looks Like He is the only one left at BBC.

Author — Meric Ekinci


Seeing those old folks in warehouses is heartbreaking.

Author — miamiwax


When I was a child I used to look on envious at the UK as if it were some wise nation of intelligent when I look at the UK I LMAO.

Author — killbotone


China, S.Korea and Japan: "So we have cases of reinfection"
The U.K.: Hurd 1munirty

Author — Ashyo Sings


Government has moved from wash your hands to wash your hands and face

Author — Yorkshire GingNutz


I bet you if the internet were to shut down it will be more chaotic than this

Author — Ray Finkle


I can just see the headlines next month “We Got It Wrong”

Author — Yaki Kadafi


Just watched a film titled "Contagion", it's brilliant, scary & realistic.
Oh & it's supposed to be fiction, it's like watching the news now :-(

Author — Jammyfish


I'm italian, we're all quarantined in our houses and we're afraid of this virus. Hope that you can learn from us and take seriously actions before the situation get worse. Maybe we'll learn something from this when all will be over.

Author — amicovlog


FYI, those infected ones with no symptoms are the ones that are most contagious.

Author — kagokadae


Did he say a week? You're supposed to quarantine yourself for 14 days

Author — Bella Bella


0:59 Sounds like bless you, like when someone sneezes. That’s one place you won’t be blessed for sneezing lol

I’m sorry for making jokes

Author — Gx0d Bxy


Someone close the stable door!
Oops too late, The horse has bolted.

Author — Robbie Craughwell


Stay Strong Italia!!! Love from Romania to all italians 🇷🇴❤️🇮🇹💪💪💪💪

Author — Romi Romenia


Wish everyone reading this won't be a statistic. Stay Hygienic

Author — Great Ngugi


"Our numbers are lower because we ain't tested anyone."

Author — Gordon Welford


01:08 that reminds me of pictures from 1918 of the Spanish Flu.

Author — Slartibartfast


It looks like I changed my mind working in the United Kingdom . I thought you have a good healthcare system and most well develop country but it looks like I'm all wrong. 😭
Hope patients with Covid-19 get attention and proper care. Praying for their fast recovery.🙏

Author — Ms. M


UK Government wash your hands whilst singing happy birthday 🎂🎂 next phase wash your feet whilst singing Merry Christmas 🎅

Author — Gamer Grand UK


Italy using warehouses and tents to house the sick! I guess all the EMPTY hotel rooms are just to good for the sick!

Author — Evil Deeds