Spread of COVID-19 accelerating around the world

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As the spread of COVID-19 accelerates around the world, places like Australia and Hong Kong are mired in second waves of the virus. South Africa is now emerging as a hotspot of the virus. Meanwhile, Europe is shifting focus towards economic recovery. Redmond Shannon reports.

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Cases are up but deaths continue to decline. Which of these should be the bigger headline?

Author — Signs Of Bias


None of the wossie, panzy sheeple thought to mention that when the government says you can't buy food unless you do exactly as they say, it's blatantly obvious that it's not at all about your safty, but about your compliance and control and it is in fact, a declaration of *WAR*!!!!

Author — Truth Seeker


Remember the videos of people convulsing And dying in the streets? That isn't happening.

Author — John Smith


How can you trust these people, I dont know what to believe anymore

Author — Naol Dereje


I really think that China is lying about there numbers... like...

Author — DRACO FURY 13


Pandemics really bring out the stupid of the human race...and there's a lot of stupid.

Author — Ganon Dragmire


The reactionary response by leaders is disgusting... leaders are to be proactive by definition

Author — Kyle Geldart


1.35 mill killed every year globally on our roadways... ban em

Author — maverick ownage


Zombie apocalypse is happening Call Rick grimes 😂

Author — Lone Ninja


Sell your stocks in Depends, Denture grip, oatmeal. This is wiping out this user group.

Author — Shane Humphrey


The news didn't mention the U S of A...

Author — brendt de vera


Praying that God will expose the lies and bring the truth forward!

Author — Brenda Silveira


How many have it in North Korea? Zero?

Author — Miles Dyson


gorgously stunning news reporter lady ❤️🇨🇦❤️🥂 intelligent

Author — Jay MCC


Are "presumed And projected" in that count? That seems to be how they're counting it which is totally unscientific. How about all the false positive testing? An African leader had tests come back positive on a piece of fruit! In the beginning of all of this there were reports of tests having 50 to 80% false positive results. Numerous providers sent in non-infected swabs and got results back of a hundred percent positive or mostly positive results. I wouldn't want to take the test because I don't know if I'll get contaminated by doing so. These tests have had a history of being contaminated rate in the beginning of the epidemic. Who's to say there aren't sick in the head people contaminating people on purpose? After all, we have college students throwing covid-19 to get infected. I don't think they're doing it just because it's cool I think that there is a political agenda.

Author — Loli Faleena


I hope this gets out of control so I can go and buy a gun.

Author — Roberto


The first round of the economic crash happened in March ... the second is expected to hit in the fall
But a great distraction form truth.... the credit cycle / credit squeeze is on us
Wall Street and banks are UP ....Main street is DOWN and out.... actions speak louder than words

Author — Hammer Home


It amazes me, everyone has the wolds recorded knowledge in the palm of there hand. You can witness world events happen live, from multiple sources and opinions, if you look. Yet government supported (bailed out by tax payer money) Canadian main stream fear mongering news still exists.

Author — shane woolsey


I am waiting for 4chan to convince everyone, touching elbows is racist gesture=P

Author — TRH


So the global lock down was a complete failure. Good job “ experts”.

Author — Tyson Boser