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The pandemic has thrown into high relief some of the longstanding issues surrounding working conditions in meatpacking facilities. John Oliver explains why greater oversight is needed, and how we can go about getting it.

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nothing is more slimy than your boss who makes more money than you... calling you “family”

Author — Haedox


"at this point, you're probably wondering how this is possible..."

Not anymore, John. Not anymore

Author — jasmin_dd


Here's a tip for you: If someone ever says that their company is like a family, TURN AND RUN IN THE OTHER DIRECTION. They only say that to encourage you to be loyal to the company, but they're never loyal back.
Real families support each other. But big corporations just expect you to devote all of your time and resources to them; to the point that you won't have time for your real family.

Author — mariolucario493


American corporations: “We are like a family“

Me: “Well, my family fucking sucks” check you later

Author — Justin Akers


Bo Pilgrim looks exactly like you'd imagine a guy named Bo Pilgrim would look.

Author — Ryan E


I love that the one host notes, “I get people need jobs...” without pointing out that the plant owners should be held to account for the horrid conditions, not the workers for having to do that in order to survive.

Author — ShenaniTims


Upton Sinclair is rolling in his grave like "damn this shit STILL going on?!"

Author — Harmony Lowell


Jesus Christ does everything in America always have to be “controlled by these four companies”?

Author — B Mort


If this is how they treat their workers, think about how they treat their livestock 🤔

Author — Austin Canty


'this is not our country' ma'am, as an outsider let me say this is exactly what your country is about.

Author — Asif Azeez


Whenever a company describes its employees as “family, ” you know something’s up.

Author — Kathryn Myrick


Me: Oh yay, a new john Oliver!
Me, 19 minutes later: god i'm depressed.

Author — Groovebox


The 1k dislikes are the owners of a meat packing company and their “family”

Author — Emperor Palpatine


Nothing worse than the tone deaf disconnect between home office and the workers.

Author — Ghosty


"we're family" is one of the biggest red flag phrases there is.

Author — casey b


"We don't need unions anymore" they said. "Their just taking your money" they said.

Author — Uknown6t


I'm sorry are you telling me that, upon ending of a homicide case, they returned the weapon to the assailant?

Author — LIVitUP


"The Jungle, " an expose of the meat packing industry, including the exploitation of immigrants, was written by Upton Sinclair in 1906. It aroused outrage at the time, and it is definitely still relevant today. Everyone should read it. Some of the details are probably not accurate now, partly due to technology and the shift of ethnicity of the immigrants, but read it. It's an eye-opener.

Author — Merrigale Beddoes


Upton Sinclair just out here like "I TOLD YOU A CENTURY AGO. A CENTURY"

Author — Avi Follett


"And If you fine a company a fraction of a percent of their profits, don't be surprised when they carry on only giving a fraction of a fuck about the welfare of their workers." - John Oliver

Author — David Moktan