I Exposed Ethan’s Relationship With Paparazzi

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Who's the one laughing now E??

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the fact that he really answered the questions and not being rude it’s just proves that he’s a really good guy.

Author — Yasmin Chikh


Aww but no one is talking abt how Gray said that he loves E’s girlfriend like a

Author — Laira Perez


I mean everyone is like “gRaYsOn sAys hE sTruGgLeS tO fiNd a RelAtiOnsHiP liKe hAve YoU sEeN HiM?¡” like seriously? It’s so hard to actually find someone, NOT A FANGIRL who actually clicks with you. Relationships shouldn’t all be about looks, it’s hard to find someone with a good personality, and who can be your other half.

Author — Ava Powers


"shes like a sister to me"
cameron: 👁👄👁

Author — givepadthai


“I feel like your brother is better with the women” “and that’s when i’ll come out” WHEN I TELL YOU IM ROLLING ON THE FLOOR IM NOT KIDDING

Author — Julia Red


This man literally memorized everything Gray told him to say. He may be annoying but he is good at his job🤭

Author — Sofia Arenas


Grayson doesn’t need a girlfriend. Grayson is what a girlfriend needs.

Author — Unexpected


is nobody going to talk about how the comment section is filled with "is nobody going to talk about" comments

Author — greatalbama 297


grayson needs to stop acting like 11 million girls wouldn't just sell their organs to date him.

Author — 1 Subscriber Before 2021


Everybody says that they cant believe grayson isnt seeing anyone, but its probably because he wants a good and stable relationship with someone who doesnt want his looks of platform. he deserves true love and he is just taking his time. he is such a good person

Author — Mikenna Wildeboer


Grayson: “They’ve been dating for like a year”
Me: *Wait whaaaattt*

Author — Marjorie Acevedo


Everyone: "How is Grayson 'struggling' to get a girlfriend?"
Me: "Because girlfriends are struggling to get Grayson"

Author — Sam Serrao


Loads of people are saying how they dont get how Grayson isn’t in a relationship. Well I’ll tell ya that it’s probably because he wants a real one, not a girl who wants his platform or looks, Grayson is such a good person and freaking hilarious, he really deserves a good, stable and true relationship 🥺

Author — Laite


i don’t know about y’all but i’m here to find out what fletcher looks like

Author — Ananya Agrawal


99% won't see this but,

*Those people who are reading this, you may become successful in future.*

Author — 1 sub before September


I’m sorry but how is Grayson struggling to get a girlfriend, HAVE YOU SEEN HIM

Author — highkey


It’s funny how Grayson says he gets the women when Ethan is the one in a relationship

Author — Emily Bilson


So Ethan has a girlfriend that means that Grayson needs a girlfriend.. I’m available.. like I play ultimate frisbee and can cook a mean chicken alfredo dinner with garlic bread sooo

Author — Kelley Jones


Damn so Ethan has a crush on his gf for that long and we were out here shipping him and Emma when in reality he liked someone else 😂

Author — Sam


everyone: *wants to know how Ethan's girl look like*
Me: *over joyed that I finally saw who's behind HW fix's camera*

Author — Y l