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Pets Allowed: My Unusual Emotional Support Animal | Shorts & Murmurs4.5
Marc Philippe Eskenazi tests out which New York City establishments with previously strict human-only policies will allow in his menagerie of emotional-support animals.

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Pets Allowed: My Unusual Emotional Support Animal

Starring: Marc Philippe Eskenazi
Director: Jack Pearce
Producer: The New Yorker

Special thanks to the stars of our video in order of appearance:
Cisco and Sanchez the Alpacas (owners Jay and Marcy, Crimson Leaf Alpaca Farm)
Daphne the pig (owner Sophie Wolf)
Kim and Kanye the Cordon Bleu Finches (Owner Aaron Veera)
Owen the turkey (SquirrelWood Equine Sanctuary)

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The sad thing is businesses in NYC don't know the law and are easily scammed. ESA are not covered under the law for public access. Thanks for making things difficult for the folks who rely on the highly trained SD. Obviously the far left take on issues.

Author — Kit Van Niman


It probably would've been beneficial for him to point out at this end of this funny video that under the ADA Federal Law, Emotional Support Animals DO NOT have public access rights. The ONLY animals that are permitted in public are task trained service dogs that help their handlers with medically diagnosed disabilities.

Author — Tatum Tatreau


This is bad for people with service animals with disabilities. Emotional and service animals are both important, but are not the same. Stuff like this hurts people that actually need them. I know this is a joke but still.

Author — Flute Player Victoria


Emotional support animals are not allowed in public, and these websites are complete frauds. Please don't do what this man is doing, it really does impact the reputation of service animal users in public, and it can distract our dogs or miniature horses, which can be a risk to our life

Author — Cas


ESAs can't be anywhere that a house pet cannot go

Author — Majestic Wolf Girls


ESA are not allowed everywhere, that is SA or SD or SMH (Service animal, service dog service, miniature horse) you are braking that laws in so many Levels! ESA are only able to live in your home no matter the rules of ring city laws or what animal it is and able to go on plains. I have a Goat for my PTSD (goats help me more then other animals) so it's rude and Insulting to people with real disabilities and need an ESA or SA this is just not ok, and you need to add this to your disclaimer!

Author — Pumpkin Patch Exotics


I remember reading the article that accompanied this, so hilarious

Author — Emily hancock


I'm getting an emotional support rhinoceros. No one's gonna mess with me when they see my EMR.

Author — David Renton


This was really cute. Also, Marc, you and that alpaca look like first cousins, not in a bad way, just that I'm pretty sure he's your spirit animal.

Author — dellfeld4ever



Author — Jason Smith


Marc has Affluenza. Put him in a padded cell and give him a rope.

Author — Macky1101


You can always count on me as long as you have food for me.

Author — Ward oo


ESA's are completely different than Service animals. ESA's are not allowed anywhere public except living spaces and Airplanes. It is illegal to bring an ESA into a public place and can hurt people who actually have Service dogs.

Author — Cat Family


Does anyone need an ant for unusual emotional support? :P

Author — antdude


Suckers pay for items on these registry sites when they legally are not worth the materials they are printed on. Save your money. Also, it's illegal in some states to pass your pet off as a service animal. Don't be a fraud!

Author — Stargazer39


oh my god i should make my llamas and alpaca emotional support animals 😂😂

Author — okaiden


I have a emotional support monitor lizard

Author — Enderex 040


*looking at list of qualified illnesses*
"...I have all of these"

Author — bleh


How appropriate that this video is preceded by a Starbucks commercial featuring their exceedingly inappropriate Christmas cup.

Author — Jonathan Hutter


Omg I freakin love it. hahaha. Ure so fkn stupid. hahahaha. brilliant. . I'm sending this video to everyone I know. lmfao. BTW. I have a pet turkey. .. they're really very calm and great ass pets man.. I'm a Nurse in California and had my turkey taco since he was a lil bby. so he's very comfortable w me .

Author — Cynthia Castaneda