Istanbul's Biggest Street Market / Hidden Local Sweet Shops By Aysenur Altan

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I am going to Istanbul's biggest street market "Fatih Çarşamba Bazaar" for the first time after the pandemic. We will walk around the main shopping streets of Fatih, passing through hidden local sweet shops to enter the street market. The market is so big that it has different sections for shoes, clothes, and food. After taking a break at our favorite ice cream shop we will head to my mother-in-law's house for dinner. Join me on my vlog to see Istanbul's hidden local streets.

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Actually just going to say that I really like this channel and its what got me interested in Turkish food in general. Keep up the good work!

Author — Turnip Thingy


I love turkey so much.... I just hope that once in my lifetime I visit turkey🇹🇷 love from India🇮🇳 ❤

Author — kulsum Sheikh


Hope to visit Istanbul in the coming future... In Shaa Allah.

Author — Crazy Driver


Turkey has all beauty, green mountains, seas, lakes and rivers. Beautiful architecture narrating lots of history. Food and shopping is little of the joy you may have there. Bless this wonderful country and its people, amen.

Author — azza andersson


I fell in love with Turkey after watching Eurtrgul series. AND dis love grows stronger and stronger each day. Beautiful country..wd a proper Turkish leader .Tons of love from London .

Author — Mrs S Siddiq


You live such an interesting life ! Wish we had outdoor markets instead of chain stores. Thank you Aysenur for another fun video.

Author — Terry Calcione


5:07 I am happy to see you managed to include a cat. After Britain leaves lockdown (heaven knows when that will be with the idiots in Britain) Istanbul is definitely on the bucket list for a visit.

Author — Anthony Thomas


I wish i were here, Istanbul is my dream. Thank you for the video.

Author — Алексей Амоков


I have been to Istambul and fell in love with the city. Your post brings back wonderful memories. I want to go back and wish to go further in your beautiful and full of history country. Thank you.

Author — Sélia Bagão


Turkey is my favourite country.🤗I loves Turkish foods😋& thank u for Turkish recipes.
Very beautiful country thank u for showing us may Allah bless u..🤗

Author — Fouziya Taj


I've been here with my dad the first time we went to Istanbul. So good to see you taking us there. I remember we got so excited we bought so many different sorts of produce, including many kilos of cherries and surprisingly a bunch of GARLIC 😂

Author — tess hmz


That was a wonderful adventure through your culture, country and shopping bazaar. As always, I thank you for your hospitality. Salaam.⚘

Author — Ray Larkin


I hope that one day I can visit turkey in the future . insha'Allah really Turkish masjid (mosque) is soooo beautiful

Author — Fatma Naila


Hey I actually moved to Istanbul from the US 1 year ago and it’s been good Alhamdulillah! I’ve been planning on starting my own channel!

Author — Abdullah Jamal


Masha Allah! I love all the shops selling fresh produce, teas, and honey on the street market. And those fresh grape leaves and beautiful pea pods you bought are fantastic. Unless you grow them yourself, you don’t see the fresh grape leaves nor the green pea pods in the supermarkets here in the US.
Also, wonderful to see the beautiful big mosque and hear the call for prayers. Thank you for sharing your trip with us. Allah bless you and your family abundantly🤲🏻🤲🏻💞🌺

Author — andalus71710


What an amazing market! I wish we had markets like that here in NS, Canada... grocery stores have nothing on old style markets!!

Author — Marie Lawson


Went to Istanbul last year....feels like yesterday. Most beautiful city I ahve ever travelled to. I miss the streets, the people, Bosphorus, the food every day! Stayed near Şht. Muhtar, very near to Taksim Square. What a beautiful city you have! Hope to be there again ome time soon....love all the way from India <3

Author — Revtee Das


Oh my... we are planning to move in the future and watching this I just want to start packing. Take care of yourselves keep wearing the masks for as long as you can. Admire your content

Author — csilluss02


Yum pastarma as we call it we do even from goat meat and grill it in Bulgaria what types you get in Turkey?

Author — Спас Янков


Thank you so much to take the time to show us Istanbul. I cannot travel the world at the moment so it was lovely to take a walk around another country. I have cooked a few od your recipes and they all are delicious. Thanks again for the tour.

Author — Leanne Jaggs