Dramatic video shows man shielding girlfriend during Dayton shooting

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When a mass shooter opened fire this weekend in Dayton, Ohio, Camryn Crowder immediately took action. Terrifying video from the scene of the attack shows Crowder jumping on top of his girlfriend to shield her from the man who was shooting just a few yards away. Dean Reynolds reports.

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That kind the man you marry girl 💯 proved how much he loves his girlfriend.

Author — Moon Hope


God Bless him and others un- fortunately involved in this hate crime. So sad.

Author — Team Optimistic


Literally saw a bullet ricochet off the planter right before she tripped. This man is a definite keeper. God bless their whole family. If she ever has any doubts on his love "Roll The Tape"....

Author — Kimberly Cunningham


Girl! Put ball and chains on that guy ASAP! That guy is your child's father!

Author — Nurlinda F Sihotang


This guy is a hero and a guardian angel to his girlfriend

Author — jesus cage


He was So Brave what a Hero her Parents owe him his Parents did a Great Job raising him

Author — Jeff Norris


What a brave and heroic man. This man didn't think twice about it he just immediately went into action to protect his girlfriend. These two have an infant child together and that night was their first time away from the child. I seen the interview on tv where they showed the couple holding their infant son together. Now, they need to tie the knot...get married soon. Girl, you better marry that man he has already showed you how much he loves and care about you. God bless this couple and their infant child. 😞💖☺💖😞💖💍💎💕💕👑🎩

Author — Brenda Short


True meaning of “girl I’ll take a bullet for you” 😩😭❤️

Author — Leslie Denton


Crazy to think the shooter was bum rushing the bar but was gunned down by the police just in time. There would have been SO many more casualties had they not ended his life in front of the bar entrance.

Author — Matt


Look at that guy protecting her, that’s a powerful statement about what this man is made of, goodness and light. Thank you sir, you are a wonderful human! Best wishes and much love to follow you through your life.✌️💚🌱❤️💜🧡💛💙

Author — Greta Gonzales


I’m sure my girl would’ve still complained, “How could you drag me when I’m wearing white pants?”

Author — Lihle Mdikili


He’s a ride or die partner! hope she never lets him go! A shoutout here.. Great job to the officers who neutralize the threat!
Enjoy your beers men you earned them!

Author — Lee Boyd


If that's not husband material, I don't know what is

Author — Chris Lee


Motive was found. He wanted to attack a place with a lot of people and he chose this place.

Author — Erick Pais


What a brave man. This brought tears to my eyes.

Author — Cyndi Anderson


Look how he picks her up while he shields her. He's moves then to that brick "thing"to keep them safer. ❤️ He's a true man!

Author — grateful1929


Girl please marry him... ❤❤❤ RIP to the ones who lost their lives. 😢😢😢

Author — Beautifully M3


Wow! The way he protected her. He didnt think about himself once. His whole focus was on keeping her shielded. Glad they are okay.

Author — June's Outside Contact


Å Trué Heró, Indééd. The Power of Love💞

Author — Gilberth Mpahleni


This is America, don't catch you sleepin now

Author — Khalif Al Jibran G