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Officer Pulls Gun on Student Picking Up Trash Outside of Dorm Building | NowThis4.5
This cop pulled his gun on a student who was picking up trash in front of his dorm.

Zayd Atkinson, a student at Naropa University, was confronted by an officer while picking up trash for his work-study job outside of his dorm. The officer did not have reasonable suspicion that a crime was occurring and was not entitled to demand Atkinson's date of birth, according to an independent review by a former U.S. Attorney.

Research shows Black people are often exposed to heightened scrutiny and suspicion, which can begin early in childhood. 54% of Black Americans say they felt others 'have been suspicious of them because of the color of their skin,' compared to 6% of white Americans.

Several officers, some with guns drawn, surrounded Atkinson. A college faculty member later appeared to back up Atkinson. The police officers never asked the faculty member, a white man, to confirm his identity or prove that he worked for the college.

After almost 15 minutes, the officer gave Atkinson back his ID and left. The officer resigned two weeks after the incident but will remain on the city payroll until February 2020. An internal investigation found the officer violated 2 department policies but did not conclude he was racially biased.

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💬 Comments on the video

I totally understand the situation. That weapon can be frightening,

*especially if you're garbage yourself.*

Author — XR G@mer


I like how they can get six cops with guns to surround a student in minutes, but take hours to respond to a live shooter

Edit: Not all police are like this. In fact, the vast majority of police are good people. I was just a bit angry as a lot of you were after watching this

Author — Andy Chen


The cop resigned but will still get taxpayers money til 2020? The system is broken.

Author — r385671



“That’s a weapon”


Author — Will Lectar


I respect this man. He is fighting for his rights, and it is something to look up to. He was also _cleaning_ for his apartment block, and he is a great man.

Author — Furry Cake


The officer was threatened by the man because the officer is Trash.

Author — Toro Inoue


Notice how the cop kept referring to the grabber as a 'metal object'. He was attempting to create a reason for his own actions. What a POS.

Author — K Klus


officer's ego got the better of him here and he didn't want to admit he was wrong

Author — IamJigle


How about a thank you for keeping the city clean. Even if he didnt live there he's just cleaning and nobody complained.

Author — Miracle Trvpman B Boolin


A white guy walks into Walmart with a gun oh that okay but when I black man walks in with a picker upper things it’s a big deal

Author — Gabrielle Hill


"You have a weapon"
"This is a bucket!"
"Other hand"
"This is a clamper for picking up garbage"
"I'm threatened by it"
"You have a gun that kills people, how am I supposed to kill someone with a clamper!"

Give this man a medal 🥇

Author — xEnd_er


Dude was literally doing community service and was about to get arrested.

Author — Serbian nibba


" I just need to verify who you are, that you belong here, that you have a right to be here "

Wow, I didn't know I need to have a special license to walk on the street

Author — Thot PL


Cop was scared cause his clamper was at plus 10 with fire enchantment.

Author — XxAshVellxX


This guy has balls mahn, he stood up for himself till the very end. Way to go 💪💪💪💪

Author — Bolt D'dancer


Students: *holds clamper*
Cop: *holds gun*
Cop: I feel unsafe

Author — Fried Octopus


Any cop with a firearm that would feel threatened by someone several feet away with an obvious tool that at worst could be used as a short range, ineffective club is too much of a coward to be entrusted with a publicly issued or sanctioned firearm.

Author — Rich Marceau


Fucken tyrants think they're judge jury and executioners these days.

Author — Sosa ひ


Wait a minute if he was on the property trespassing wasn't the cop doing the same?
A round of applause for Mr threatened by a metal thing 👏👏

Author — HitStar Gaming


You guys have nothing better to do than harrasse a black man. Go find some criminals. Unbelievable what goes on today. These police officers are not trained the proper way. PERIOD

Author — Alan Bellaro