Vesti Exclusive: Kadyrov Opens Up About Himself, Homosexuality, Islam and the Future of Chechnya

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This place is known not only in Chechnya, it's the symbol of a reborn capital. The Heart of Chechnya mosque is the largest not only in Russia but also in Europe. How to increase the flow of tourists? How safe is it here? Are there gays in Chechnya? Let's ask the head of the Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov.

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I read the title as "Kadyrov opens up about his homosexuality" 😂

Author — Slickdown


Just to clarify, when he speaks of 'The One Most High', it's not a reference to Putin

Author — daveyork0


interviewer: so what about gays
Kadyrov: In fact we dont talk about it here

Author — David Ngure


On Vladimir Putin "When he summons me, I'm always at attention" "Im ready to die for him". Wow!

Author — Nick J


"i was blown up, shot at, this is normal" lmao good luck going against someone who thinks that's normal :)

Author — El Top


Wouldn't step foot in this country lol...something tells me you'll be shot if you make a political opinion

Author — Honest Abe


Beautiful country. I would like to visit

Author — HDG


Honest man..goood personality, wishing all the best from india

Author — babu kuriakose


“A man is a man and a woman is a woman”

- Ramzan Kadyrov

Author — Leo


Ramzan Kadyrov has done great things for Chechnya since the loss of Dudayev. ~The peace and the fruits it's bore are priceless; Chechnya has rebuilt and the people can live life again. Also another notable: Ramzan was the first governmental/political leader in the Ummah to call for the Ummah to unite to destroy ISIS.👍✊👌💖
*You are a great man Ramzan. Allah bless and protect you Ramzan Kadyrov.💖🌹

Author — #ALieNLiFeFoRM1


I like how the mosque in Grozny is in Ottoman Architecture.I also like the badge, showing Crescent and star.

Author — OsmanOsmanHan


This dude is just as crooked as everybody else. I like his car tho

Author — tips


American respects ✊ we don’t fear anyone though....That man is a warrior!

Author — Lit Los


cool fucking interview, beautiful ending

Author — El Max


Lots of love for Ramzan Kadyrov and Chechan Army ❤️❤️❤️ from USA

Author — Mystical Islam


It's an irony to know that the sharia which this guy follows is rejected by Putin. They are both together with each other only for their political gains.

Author — Dr. Hridaynath Lotliker


“People don’t understand toughness, people understand common ground” excatly why he was successfull.

Author — Royyy McRoy


Kadyrov answers questions like a politician, but the girl is beautiful

Author — Ioan Acatrinei


14:20 which other country is he talking about

Author — Sushsnna Dhshshns


1:24 Look at him... Walking down the stairs like he is a rapper in a cliché videoclip

Author — Alex