Black teen speaks out after woman charged with attacking him at pool

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Black teen speaks out after woman charged with attacking him at pool4.5
A South Carolina woman is facing assault and battery charges after being accused of hitting a black teenager at a community pool. A camera caught Stephanie Sebby-Stremple last month as she appeared to verbally and physically assault 15-year-old Darshaun Simmons. Michelle Miller reports.

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He handled that with class...I would've punched her in the face.

Author — Norma


This breaks my heart. He is such a wonderful young man. Racists are very sick people.

Author — Keith Keller


He is so disciplined! I couldn't hold back like he did. Good for him!

Author — Judge Jenny


The kid has more class than that woman ever possibly could have

Author — Tommy Larson


All racist need to be cleansed from this earth

Author — edmizzle foshizzle


The Young Man handled that well. I'm glad that woman got Assault Charges.

Author — Jarid Gaming


"If someone puts their hands on you. Brother, you better make sure no one puts their hands on you again"

-Malcom X

Author — winter ramos


"I have a lot of discipline and self control" .

What a bright young man.

Author — Miracle man


Putting her hands on a child? Where does it end?

Author — Riri Pari


Why do people still think it’s the early 1900’s where black people cant do anything like 🤦🏾‍♂️

Author — Brayden Moses


*Permit Patty & Barbecue Becky & Poolside Polly all look related* 😱

Author — Brandy


Wait... he's a gentleman's club member 🤔🤔🤔 ain't he like 15 years old?

Author — Gabriel Castaneda


Did she really just hit him If I was the mom I would be like “DONT TOUCH MY SON”



no one should have to "handle" that sort of vile racist behaviour.
that white women needs to be locked up away from civilisation for a few years.

Author — Proj3ct Truth


Love this young man’s character, great example of self restraint and foresight in recording the incident. I hope him much success in his future endeavors.

Author — 1Ephraimite


Let me guess she hits him because she believes she'll get away with if it was the other way that boy would be on trail.

Author — EaST CoAsT MaCHete


Whatever it was about, it is terrible.
Anyone notice how beautiful this family is?!

Author — Lisa Schumacher


He should have just given the BBC and this would have been over.

Author — F!zZ


A smart young man love peace and blessing to this family.

Author — Jeannie Jean


So what is her nickname. Pool Attacker Arlena?

Author — ftnrbhmwk