Black teen speaks out after woman charged with attacking him at pool

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A South Carolina woman is facing assault and battery charges after being accused of hitting a black teenager at a community pool. A camera caught Stephanie Sebby-Stremple last month as she appeared to verbally and physically assault 15-year-old Darshaun Simmons. Michelle Miller reports.

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He handled that with class...I would've punched her in the face.

Author — Norma


He is so disciplined! I couldn't hold back like he did. Good for him!

Author — Judge Jenny


All racist need to be cleansed from this earth

Author — Edmonster Drac0


This breaks my heart. He is such a wonderful young man. Racists are very sick people.

Author — Keith Keller


The kid has more class than that woman ever possibly could have

Author — Tommy Larson


How are you asking a Puerto Rican if she’s a citizen 😭 they don’t need citizenship it’s literally US territory along with the Virgin islands .. Uneducated and ignorant .

Author — Jahkema Mua


"If someone puts their hands on you. Brother, you better make sure no one puts their hands on you again"

-Malcom X

Author — winter ramos


so nobody is gonna talk ab how Puerto Rico is owned by America 💀

Author — Marii b


"I have a lot of discipline and self control" .

What a bright young man.

Author — Miracle man


I'm white and I have a lot of respect for this young man, his parents should be proud of what a gentleman they are rasing!

Respect from Dallas 🇺🇸

Author — Pinger Lock


*this absolutely breaks my heart, racism is absolutely disgusting. It needs to stop*

Author — Alena Johnson


peep how the Whiteman cut off the black woman when she was praising him with his accolades. they dont want us to speak proudly of ourselves.

Author — Torrie2Fresh


Is it just me or do all these woman have BMIs in the 50s?

Author — Gerry Newport


Good he recorded the assault because like he said, she would have flipped the whole thing around blaming him as being the aggressor which is what lowlife cowards do and then rally all the others to take her side. Smart young man!

Author — Reginald Kessler


You have certain white Bigots who look for soft targets! They know who to assail and not to harass!



Haha good luck finding a new job lady 😂

Author — Queen Levi


A smart young man love peace and blessing to this family.

Author — Jeannie Jean


Slapping Stephanie
Pool permit Paul
I'm white Irene
Hotel Earl
Permit Patty
BBQ Becky
Corner store Caroline
😂😂😂 and the list gets longer I'm here for it 👏😂 Expose expose

Author — Byron Hoffman


No, the question is when did white people get so angry, vindictive, and petty.

Answer: Since they came to the Americas. They have always been this way.

Author — mscardioqueen


A *black minority being targeting for living.

Author — newnimprovesT3