Chef's MAGA hat ban threat excused by CNN hosts

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Chef's MAGA hat ban threat excused by CNN hosts5
California chef apologizes, deletes tweets where he also compared the MAGA hat to a swastika and a white hood. Reaction and analysis on 'The Five.' #TheFive #FoxNews

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I have not seen one person in a maga hat terrorizing people .. I seen maga hat people terrorized

Author — Dobs R


I rather MAGA hats instead of hijabs or headgears!!!

Author — DeadEars Green


I wear my MAGA hat here in Australia, just to trigger the Leftists.

Author — ozredneck58


Man CNN is really out of their minds! Just when I think they can't top themselves for idiocy, they do!

Author — moo cow


imagine what would happen if a restaurant banned sagging pants because they said it signifies ghetto, gang, trash.

Author — adam grard


Nothing wrong with MAGA hats. People are just angry that they can't control others.

Author — firefly551969


Because our Presidents wants to look after the safety and security of American citizens, then he's a racist. Yeah...THAT'S logical!

Author — Scott Westergren


Sorry I cannot even watch clips of CNN MORONS!!!! OR JUAN!

Author — Made in Michigan 67


CNN blows! CNN Fake news! I wear my Maga Hat everywhere- everyday! And I'm proud of my Maga Hat!

Author — Peter Cofrancesco


Much love to Trump. he will take down the NWO. Go InfoWars, Go Ben Shapiro, Go Milo!

Author — Luka Music


Even if he apologizes, I wouldn't eat there for fear of the chef spitting in my food! Maybe even some pubic hair topping! lol

Author — Redneck Learns Dutch


Juan Williams belongs in cnn not on fox.

Author — Frank Gil


To Make America Great Again is a provocative statement? Juan should go work for CNN.

Author — Mary Ellen Gelner


*I will keep wearing my MAGA hat in the public and dare any to say or do anything about it*



M.a.g.a. hats. The symbol of a movement that's taking down the deep state and fake news media.
Juan is a loser

Author — Ralph Scheibler


according to liberals, orange juice is racist. LOL

Author — michael wilson


I will argue that Trump 💪👊 supporters should be a protected class!!!!

Author — Sam Fosdick


So according to CNN, people can deny service to women wearing burkas, got it.!

Author — James Bon


Chris Cuomo thinks that homosexuals should be a protected clas....that's very

Author — Smogger911


To Juan the MAGA Hat means evilness? People like him are the real racists and promoted as well.

Author — Regalada Roman