Chef's MAGA hat ban threat excused by CNN hosts

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California chef apologizes, deletes tweets where he also compared the MAGA hat to a swastika and a white hood. Reaction and analysis on 'The Five.' #TheFive #FoxNews

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I have not seen one person in a maga hat terrorizing people .. I seen maga hat people terrorized

Author — Dobs R


MAGA means I am a proud American. Get over it...

Author — Ronnie Underhill


If Your black you cant come into my resturaunt..see how that goes

Author — David Renollet


Freedom of speech/expression is not allowed according to liberals

Author — JDM


*Trump Derangement Syndrome is destroying the Left!*

Author — LibertyMatrix


Nothing wrong with MAGA hats. People are just angry that they can't control others.

Author — firefly551969


People like Lemon are the ones dividing America not the hat wearers

Author — Michele C.


Don LeMonn & Chrissy Cuomo are telling people, *It's the hat's fault that you get upset and have fits of anger. It isn't that you are not in charge of your own emotions - as a grown-up should be. The hat **_makes_** you have fits* blame the hat, blame the wearer of the hat. Have your little fit, go nuts, hurt somebody -- it ain't you.

Author — Béla Scialoja


How long before they have "White Liberal Only" signs over water fountains?

Author — MrMetonicus


Maybe it means we don’t trust fake news CNN .

Author — Tim Nkl


Because our Presidents wants to look after the safety and security of American citizens, then he's a racist. Yeah...THAT'S logical!

Author — Scott Westergren


Nothing wrong with MAGA hat. It doesn't say anything wrong & expresses a positive hope for America. THE MAGA HAT IS THE SYMBOL OF FREE SPEECH & EXPRESSION in the U.S. Evidently, there is something very very wrong with these anti-American, tyrannical, hate spinning, CNN fake news pundits.

Author — DB Donovan


Please Don Lemon, what did it mean when Bill Clinton said it? What did it mean when Ronald Reagan said it?
Its a slogan on a hat!! Insanity

Author — YeahThatsRight


Right wing person: "We don't agree....let's discuss...."
Left-wing person: You racist, sexist, xenophobic, blah blah blah blah...."

Author — Chris M



Author — CORYSart


Cuomo. And. Don. Lemon. Are. IDIOTS. AND. SHOULD. BE. BOYCOTTED.

Author — Arndt Thielfoldt


According to CNN, The Covington kids committed a HAT Crime (that's HAT crime, not Hate crime). I beleive george George Orwell wrote that into his first draft of 1984, but then said to himself " Nah, that's just way too over the top", then tore the page out of his type-writer.

Author — mark haas


What is wrong with the idea of making America great again? The mainstream media has decided to demonize people for wearing a cap. President Trump has worked to bring industry back to our country and boost our economy. Protecting our borders is a part of MAGA, not out of rascism but common sense.

Author — Bob Mistark


Long post sorry, In 2008 many conservatives were plenty upset about the election. Imagine if we reacted to "hope and change" and fundamentally transforming America" the way these childish leftists react "oh I'm triggered by a Maga hat" it represents hate.
First of all if you think the idea of restoring America's prestige is a bad thing then feel free to join the socialist Venezuela.
And as to Juan's immature point. The fact that David Duke or some insane Indian wore a Maga hat doesn't mean they represent what make America great means. Because if David Duke represents anyone who supports this president then Louis Farakhan, Reverend Wright, and the New black panthers define all that supported Obama.
Every side has good actors and every side has bad actors. The problem with the left is that when they don't get their way they have a meltdown. They can't cope. There was Bush derangement syndrome and now there's Trump derangement syndrome. When Obama won. And forced a one sided change to the health care system down the throats of America the right did not melt down. Yes we organized, the tea party was formed. But if anyone on the right did to Obama what the left has done to this president and his family there would have been hell to pay. I mean look at it, those that challenged Obama had the IRS weaponized on them. They were jailed for petty things (Dinesh D'Souza). They were spied upon by the Obama Justice department.
I remember in the debates the left went nuts when Donald Trump was asked if he would accept the results of the election and he answered as long as they were fair and votes weren't manipulated he would accept the results. And they went crazy that he didn't answer unequivocally that he would accept them. Then lo and behold Trump wins and the left, the media, and the Democrat party can't accept it.
So get over the hats all they mean is that people are happy with the improvements that the country has experienced since the election. And that we are thankful that Hillary lost.

Author — simplesimonme2


The people that are being discriminated against are the ones wearing the hats!!!

Author — Roberta Yesho