Robot Exhibition. Highlights from CES 2020. The Coolest Robots and Incredible Gadgets!

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Cool robots and incredible gadgets at CES 2020. The most complete overview! Robot Tradeshow 2020. Incredible robots and inventions of the future in Las Vegas. News of technology.

All the most interesting robots from the world's largest consumer electronics exhibition.

As always, the Consumer Electronics Show 2020 shocked with incredible technology, gadgets and robots. And even if some of them seem unrealistic, this is the essence of CES: look at the future of technology! It is here that you can see what will be the mainstream in a couple of years: new robots, smart robots, new technologies 2020, robot cars, car avatar, robot cook, robot waiter, robot butler, smart home manager and much more! Take a liking and see what was the coolest show in 2020 (the most complete overview).

Samsung robots, the Sony Vision S concept car created in conjunction with NVIDIA (and whether or not they're associated with the Tesla Model 3, and how it reacted to the Elon Musk concept), the latest exoskeleton Guardian XO, an avatar car from Mercedes-Benz AVTR, cool drones and drones including EVO II, EVO II Pro and EVO II Dual from Autel Robotics, and much more!

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90% of that stuff will never be seen again after its showcased

Author — RabidNinja 84


"What is my Purpose?"
"You pass the toilet paper"
"oh my god"

Author — Jonathan Ferraro


That ball robot isn't that smart rolling around like that in front of a dog 🐶 😂

Author — Kingsman


Little flaps on a car's roof is "living skin" which gives the car it's own "sense of individuality"? Please stop. I hate whoever wrote that.

Author — Zero Cool


who will win the innovation prize:
1. a self-driving car from the future which acts as an extension of its driver
2. one emotional robo boi

Author — Theory77ify


This video abuse of the word "bionic" is AWESOME!

Author — Emiliano Borselli


I think I'm going to join the Amish. A horse and wood stove sound pretty good to me after this video.

Author — HotRodCustomGuitars


This helmet is more than questionable. The last thing you need on a motor bike is distraction.

Author — Alex Hörmann


Seems the future is to replace menial tasks with automates!

Author — Francois Lejeune


BREAKING NEWS: Yeshua (Jesus) is Almighty God!! His Torah is eternal!! The Holy Bible is sacred from Genesis to Revelation!!

Author — Reynaldo Enrique Román Riveros


The future really be looking like wall-e

Author — Takeshi Kovacs


7:30 All that technology and STILL placing the phone in VVS, that's sad.

Author — 993ti


9:58 That is one of the most 2020 dystopian image.

Author — plainlake


Virtual sexy housemaid that will cook, clean, suck, up crumbs still isnt here :( dang

Author — Carl Harrison


That chair towards the end
is basically how the fat people get around in wall-e

Author — wade


1:10 As if any dog would allow a self moving yellow ball to move around without being annihilated by the dog

Author — When Grapes Pop


Seems robot are replacing humans very fast.
Thats the reason me and my bois are unemployed 🤷🏻

Author — Ankit D


Just don’t forget to remove your child before you check your bag!

Author — Josh Markobb


1:43 Why are passenger headrest screens still mentioned as "future" in a lot of ads, it's pretty odd

Author — Spore Hux


Sony isn't releasing a car... that was a tech mash up. They said they have no plans to make cars. That was to show case Japan tech companies coming together.

Author — Lonnie Sexton