2 Hours of Daily Italian Conversations - Italian Practice for ALL Learners

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In this video, you’ll challenge your Italian listening comprehension skills. You will listen to small dialogues to take you from the beginner to the advanced level. Those dialogues are made by Italian native speakers. This is THE place to start if you want to start learning Italian, and improve both your listening and speaking skills.

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I don’t understand Italian, i just came here to bless my ears with this beautiful language

Author — •H•E•L•I•A •


A good way to use this video:
1. Get pen and paper.
2. Listen to first part (without subtitles) and try to write down what you think the speaker is saying. Feel free to rewind etc. (I think the quick talking and "bad pronunciation" is way more realistic. It actually isn't bad pronunciation, my non-Italian ears aren't trained to recognize it yet).
3. Listen to second part (with subtitles) and make corrections, notations, and make notes on words you missed and/or conjugations you didn't recognize etc.
4. Re-listen and repeat with notes and see if it improves etc.

Really "tests" how well you listen and recognize the Italian words/grammar that you know within the real-world speed of speech that you will encounter.

Author — drocpdp


Wow I can speak italian!

I'm from Milan...

Author — Master Junky


1:51 he said only “Ok” subtitle was “Ok, thank you”

2:21 he said in italian “it was really a beautiful day” not it was not bad

3:40 he said in italian “which one do you think looks better” he didn’t say “shirt” at all.

My point is as new learner for new language we really need to know the exact translation and what did they say and what they didn’t, so we can do our analysis and understand it better, to not get confuse.

Thank you for the videos, it’s really helpful but it’s need to be reviewed again. Grazie 😊

Author — Saif Al-din


This is actually amazing lol it's so hard to find a channel that has consistently good material to practice listening with.
If possible, can future comprehensions include different dialects!? Please make loads more because they're great! Thanks!

Author — Fearghal Hosty-Blaney


This is amazing. Finally, the ability to hear and understand "what" is being said. I've learned thousands of words but it never helped me with a two way conversation. Thank you!

Author — Dena Marie Sutera-Patterson


I learned French pretty well and I almost magically can understand a lot of this already. Amazing how related the languages are

Author — B Entranceperium


1:50 all he said was “ok”. why do the subtitles include “thank you”?

Author — NormalStyleCrew


It's just too funny seeing Italians writing down how much helpful this video is.

Author — maxander 61


france and italia's language are the 2 that will bless our ears

Author — StarLord1603


Excellent Resource. I can thoroughly recommend it. People that say the texts are too fast would also do well to realize that it wouldn't seem that way if the same people thought quicker. Failing that they can reduce the speed to 75% or 50% and for god's sake stop moaning, learning a language takes time, patience and persistence.

Author — Angus


A good tip, if it feels too fast press the settings icon and set the speed to 0.5x

Author — Will Hook


Fantastico! Exactly what I was looking for. In class we speak so slowly, I wanted to hear something closer to a regular speed. It's OK not to get everything. Just let it wash over you and enjoy the rhythm and pick up what you can. Pratica, pratica!!

Author — Kate Oszko


LI(BB)RO non esiste in italiano. Just sayin'

Author — Simo_Simo


This is the best way to start learning the language.

Though, I must say as I know decent Spanish and French I had head start in Italian.

Author — Nouer Uz-Zaman


As a Spanish speaker I can some what keep up with their conversation. But I found it hard when they speak fast. Written Italian is difficult for me since I can’t read Spanish well

Author — Leon Choe


Es un EXCELENTE EJERCICIO!!Lo escucho varias veces por día 😄🇦🇷

Author — Griselda JV


Ciaoooo ragazzi, grazie mille per la lezione spero di riuscirci a imparare. 🤗🤗🤗

Author — Ivette menjivar


Grazie tante. Parlo portoghese e ho capito 99% della conversazione!

Author — Φιλόσοφος


This is extremely useful! grazie mille!

Author — CodeCommand