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Bowling + all sports + hampsters & horses = NEXT LEVEL AWESOME!
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Music by PRTY ANML:

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"Do My Thing"
As performed by PRTY ANML
Courtesy of Position Music
Written By Braden Anderson
© Position Music Publishing (ASCAP) / Umode (ASCAP)
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💬 Comments on the video

I never thought I'd see the day,

Ty has been out-performed by a hamster.

Author — Myself?


I love the ‘quack’ every time one of the dudes miss

Author — Philip Brockett


I honestly thought he was going to Yeet the ball with the hamster inside.

Author — Purplegorrila16


Friend: So...what sports do you play?
Me: Hamster
Friend: Wha...
Me: *H A M S T E R*

Author — Mr X


They picked the right breed of hamster for that shot. Heck I should know, I have Two.

Author — A guy who leaves advise Hello


Ah yes, my favorite sport. *H A M S T E R*

Author — Qui_Gon12 Qui_Gon12


coby has the most second place wins and coby has the least first place wins
Edit: thanks for the likes 🙏🏻

Author — Vibrant Eagle


Before I just laughed at coby not winning, but this changes everything

Author — Benjamin Adamson-Pierson


Girls: lets go to bathroom and take some photos

Guys: H A M S T E R 👌🔥😳

Author — Aarón García


9:09 Garret wanted to say something, I felt that

Author — Miguel Lopes Cardoso


Dude Perfect in 2015: The Bearded Guy
Dude Perfect in 2019: short bearded guy, tall bearded guy, red bearded guy, and the bearded twins

Author — Cranbrady


3:35 it sounded like he said "ohh f**k he got me"

Author — Joshua Cope


“OH DONKEY YONKEY”! -Cody Jones 2019 3:35

Author — Leviathan '


Anyone else notice how they didn’t count Coby’s 1 point from baseball in the total

Author — THAT racingdude2


When I saw zorb I thought they would be inside it. I was disappointed

Edit: thanks for the likes

Author — Dom S


Cory: A couple of elite athletes

Also Cory: gutter ball

Author — This is Science!


Remember when Cody didn’t have a beard, and neither did coby? Now they all have beards

Author — Crazydude Ryan


Stranger: What sport do you play?
Me: I play the hamster.

Author — Peter Hong


Fun fact : your binge watching dude perfect just bc your bored 🤔🤔

Author — JoePlays22


Tyler: Spook him! Spook him!
The twins: *hiss and wiggle fingers*

Author — Kira Dugdell