6 principles of personal finance and budgeting for 2021

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Learning how to manage your personal finances and budgeting, independently of your specific financial situation, should definitely be one of your priorities this year; I mean, it should be one of your priorities your whole life, but if you haven't kickstarted the process yet, this year is as good a time as any to get more involved in the world of personal finance.

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Author — Mariana's Corner


This reminds me how lucky I am to already as a student have an emergency fund, my spendings tracked and no debt

Author — macmaresa


I feel pretty lucky to already have a half decent emergency fund and no ‘bad’ debt so have really been focusing on savings and investment at this time and hope to build a greater than 20% savings rate! Great information!

Author — Dr 30 Something - Personal Finance & Medicine


Mariana, did you link to your sheet? I think the link is missing

Author — indigolacie


You are amazing. I currently still live with my parents and they do all of the financing. But me and my boyfriend bought a house together and are moving in soon. So these are really good tips and tricks.

Author — Rowan Bergen


If you won't use a sheet, use an app. There's plenty of apps out there for free. Some people get overwhelmed with a spreadsheet. You can categorise your spending and income and then export these figures as a spreadsheet.

Author — Jessica N.


I quit tracking my expenses three years ago because I thought I didn’t need it anymore, that I had it under control. But girl was I wrong. I recently started again and I eat my money. Like, the amount I spend on food is ridiculous. Time to shape up! Thanks for this! 🙏🏻

Author — Jzimmergren


Thank you that was very informative, and helpful <3
i alr started tracking my expenses very late since the day i started studying economics that changed a lot about how i deal with money ...

Author — ΔLPHA


How did you get the "category" section to automatically fill in the second table?

Author — caterina alvarez


Mariana I'm so shookt to see you at 600k! <3

Author — Bianca


This vid is exactly what I needed! Thanks for helping us with so many important aspects of our lives.

Author — Ana


Me: wondering about personal finance habits I should use in 2021
Mariana 5 minutes later: publishes this video.

Author — Sophia Parang


budgeting is such a life saver! Its super important to have a clear visual of where your money is going. Awesome video!

Author — Eli Alcala


First time doing saving challenges this year as it’s my new hobby.

Author — Aester Lu


Really enjoyed this video. Thanks for this. Side note: I can’t watch you write, the way you hold a pen looks so painful. I just tried it and almost got a cramp :) What ever works for you tho, not saying there’s a right way to hold a pen.

Author — Sam Figueroa


This video is on the spot! From my personal experience, I agree totally with these three simple steps :)

Personally, I use a Google spreadsheet tool called Tiller. Free for students and has good support! :)

Author — Sabrina Jensen


One of the best videos on your channel! Thanks a lot for sharing with us. Watch all that you have and all that you do is inspiring!

Author — Edna Hernandez


Just being aware and asking yourself these questions will make a huge difference.

Author — Success with Stacee


This inspired me so much, thank you Mariana! 💗

Author — Daniela Amaro


Hello i found this very helpful, thank you for sharing! I was just wondering how you manage to create your category list automatically as you do on 04:41 thanks in advance!

Author — Joy Garoz