New Seat ALHAMBRA FR 2020 Review Interior Exterior

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New Seat ALHAMBRA FR 2020 Review Interior Exterior.

Since 2010, the Seat Alhambra, parallel to the VW Sharan, has been built in the current generation. With slight modifications, the van still stands up to the trend towards the SUV. With success?
It is in the nature of a wave that it carries a little bit of everything that goes with it. This can not only be observed during a vacation on the coast, but also very well with trends and fashion trends.

It was and still is the wave of SUVs that came to meet car buyers and must somehow have taken the guesswork out of practical-thinking family fathers or hobby forwarders. The consequence: You turned away from the van. Such an Es Ju Vi was undeniably less posh. There are seven seats, plenty of cargo space and a high trailer load for caravans and the like.

All well and good. Until you just renounce the current in a calm moment and see what is still floating around in the pond of the vans. The population is steadily decreasing.

Notable players in the market are only the brothers Galaxy and S-Max from Ford and the almost identical twins VW Sharan and Seat Alhambra. Renault Espace? He tries, unfortunately to the exclusion of the public, as a chic travel guide. Chrysler / Lancia Voyager? Please look through the history book.

The Seat Alhambra rolls in for the journey to almost forgotten automotive needs. The long-serving 2.0 TDI diesel with 177 hp works under the short bonnet and distributes up to 380 Nm of torque to all four wheels via a 7-speed dual clutch transmission. Seat calls 4-Drive the all-wheel drive. If you select the corresponding options, the Alhambra offers space for up to seven people on a good 9.2 square meters of traffic space - and thus the space required by a mid-range sedan. In contrast to some SUVs with a third row of seats (yes, you too, Tarraco), two teenagers or smaller adults can endure at least medium distances at the back. Large families with small children are happy about five (!) Individual seats in the rear with Isofix anchorages and enough space to lock as many child seats.

Also available as an option: integrated child seats for the outer seats in the second row with a fold-out booster seat and special headrests that make the room clearing from second to first car obsolete. Added to this is the small space requirement of the sliding doors, which also make it easier for the children to buckle up.

With full seating, only a small car-like trunk remains. If you simply and lightly sink the rear seats into the then slightly raised loading floor, almost 2,300 liters are available for new goods from the furniture store, the journey of the old wood to the recycling center or moving goods.

If that's not enough, or if the family's vacation home hibernates on their own property, the Seat Alhambra 2.0 TDI also pulls trailers weighing up to 2.4 tons.

So pretty SUVig? This also fits the high seating position with the corresponding comfort plus when getting in and out. On small or large tours, the driver feels like he is in the cab of an ICE express train. The flat windshield is far away from him, the dashboard extends in between until just before the horizon. Together with the steep windows on the flanks and rear as well as thin roof posts, the result is a formidable clarity.

The diesel remains far in the background when eating miles at the recommended speed, and wind and rolling noises are also retained. It is more difficult to look at the navigation map of the outdated infotainment system. At VW this was called RNS 510 in the past. The display with a 6.5 inch screen diagonal is now very small. Real-time traffic data are not used for route guidance because there is no online access.

After all, the engineers have given the system an optional smartphone connection for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which can also be used with a navigation app.

Since 2019 there has been more driver assistance for the Seat Alhambra and the VW Sharan. The adaptive cruise control system maintains a distance of up to 210 km / h from the vehicle in front. All equipment lines have the front collision warning system with emergency braking function and traffic sign recognition as standard.

In many places you can still feel a lack of willingness on the part of the group to invest development budget in the less popular vans. The headlamps work in the basic style with halogen technology, the two other equipment lines Xcellence and FR-Line offer bi-xenon lights.

The diesel is cleaned according to Euro 6d temp and uses an SCR catalytic converter for this - but the AdBlue required for this has to be filled in cumbersomely via an access in the trunk. A practical filler neck behind the fuel cap is missing. There, according to the WLTP standard, 7.3 to 7.6 liters of diesel are tipped in for 100 kilometers, while during test drives, consumption levels out at just under eight liters. An acceptable value for a seven-seater with all-wheel drive.

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The comparison with VW Touran is not correct. You must compare with VW Sharan. It’s almost same car.

Author — Costea Claudiu


This vehicle, without doubt, is the best car I have ever owned. Mine is also fitted with a 240 volt inverter as standard. It is sad to know that the Alhambra is being discontinued

Author — Pipedream


It's a shame they wont upgrade this model, in my opinion a bad decision, but soon the production of the Seat Alhambra and VW Sharan will stop all together.

Author — Paulo Rosa


Es igual que el volkswagen Sharan. No igual o similar al volkswagen touran.

Author — Biel Aguiló Gamundí


CHF 60'000.- You can buy a 8 seat camper for that.

Author — Team33


Can't believe they still won't update the Sharan platform

Author — ChaosPxl


Why the FullLink not work in Seat Alhambra ???

Author — greetmen


قوة إبداع إتقان دقة ينتج هذا الوحش قطعة هندسية جميلة متوحشة قوية ماشاء الله اللهم ارزقنا مثلها يا رب العالمين.

Author — Bardjlaghi Abdelkader


Hi Dan I heard maybe one or two years ago that SEAT will stop making the Alhambra has an MPV and redesign it as a SUV! I also heard that VW will stop making the Golf SV and Touran in favour of an SUV, have you heard anything like that?

Author — Nathan Drake


We just got the Touran 2020, but would have prefer this one as it’s more spacious when you lift the two back seat up so my children’s buggy will fit. Might upgrade to this in 3yrs time. Great review👏🏿👏🏿

Author — Nik Fash


Hi, I have a 2019 Alhambra Xcellence trim. Mine has full leather, electric side rear doors and tailgate, electric front seats as well as panoramic opening sunroof.
I find the infotainment screen on the small side against most modern cars 8" and more.
The biggest problems I have though is 1/ the ignorance and lack of care at dealerships and Seat UK and 2/ the location of the ad blue filler. What a crap idea placing it in the boot space where you could easily make a mess.

Author — Trevorfoggia


Same as Volkswagen Sharan same size no difference apart from name

Author — Sharfuddin Mohammed