Elderly man in China forces boy to give up his bus seat

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An elderly man in Chengdu, the capital of southwestern China’s Sichuan province, forced a boy off his seat on the bus, so the man could sit instead.

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This is how many people feel bad for the kid

Author — phambenz


This is the problem with ya'll "grown ups" nowadays...
Never treating us with respect but always expecting us to treat ya'll nice. Pathetic

Author — Cadnecc :[]


I was always told

*respect your elders*

But it was wrong, what I should have told was

*respect those who deserve*

Author — don't you dare check out my channel


Guys.. you know who I really respect? The woman yelling at the old man. Props to her for opening up here mouth when she could've kept quiet

Author — igmajin koharu


Try that to my son and i'll make sure you sit on a wheelchair permanently.

Author — denzel pardillo


Unless there were signs clearly saying that these seats must be given up for the elderly, the disabled and pregnant woman, it is not mandatory to give up your seat

Author — Belinda hardy


That little boy could have had a disability, the old man did wrong. Everyone has a right to a seat.

Author — S K Tigress


Respect to this lady who was screaming at him...

Author — Camp_ Nou


Why does the boy need to respect that old man?
You respect me, I respect you... As simple as that
What a disgrace😤

Author — Satwik Biswal


Rubies are red
Sapphires are blue
I wanna kick that man
And you do too



He didn’t look that old to me and he looked capable of standing

Author — Ilovesesshomaru sama


-respect the elders-
respect those *who deserve*

Author — 2fast4me


what’s wrong with that man? Plus he’s just a kid! If he didn’t wanna give up his seat just deal with it and stand!

Author — Gacha Fries


One time I was in line for a ride home and it was raining, I had no umbrella and I was all wet and cold.. Then when it was my turn, two elderly women with umbrellas went in front of me, they didn't say anything.. They saw me all wet and I had to go home, but no, each of them took their turn.. They didn't even offer to ask me to share their umbrella.. Im usually nice to elders giving up my place for them, but in that situation they were pretty cruel I think.

Author — greekgodlamb


If I was that boy, I would sit on that man's lap, and start squirming to make him uncomfortable.
Let's see how far he can take this!😡

Author — Anitta Thomas


*how many times do I need to teach you this lesson oldman*

Author — Chris 020509


Offering your seat is really out of kindness. If that boy doesn't want to offer it, it doesn't mean that he's forced to. Sometimes I have a bad day at school and get tired of standing 1 hour long because I was waiting for my bus, so there are times where I'm just pretending not to see the older person. But still there are a lot of time where I even offer them my seat but they don't take it.

Still that man shouldn't force that little kid and not even sit on him.

Author — NoTiCeMeH


If someone of any age physically dragged my kid out of their seat, he’d be getting a seat all right...a wheelchair.

Author — richerDiLefto


And then ppl like them will talk thrash bout us like "todays generation has no ethics n manners" what they forget is that Respect, Manners n Ethics should never be a ONE WAY

Author — Himangshu Sharma



Author — TZ4 Warlord