Toe - グッドバイ Goodbye Feat. Toki Asako

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For Long Tomorrow Release Tour 2010
Feb. 15, 2010 @ Shibuya O-EAST
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"There is no one can undertand me, truly...
everyone is mania in general...
you don't have time to sleep or to know others..
it's more complex than how I used to thought.."

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I don't know how about you, people who listen and watch this presentation, but I always cry. Every. Single. Time. Maybe is the passion in every riff and every rythm or the atmosphere or, I don't know, some kind of "magic" in the song that tears me apart. Is not like the studio version, this is something different and I cannot describe it.

Author — Fabián Escudero


Look at all these different beautiful countries coming together in this comment section. Music truly is the great unifier.

Author — John Notmylastname


Mais uma vez o Henrique, do Quadro em Branco, me fazendo explorar esse lado bom do YouTube.

Author — Gustavo Lemos


Stuck in community quarantine here in Philippines. Supposed to fly to Japan to celebrate our first wedding anniversary and bun in the oven. I'll just let my baby in my womb listen your music for now. ❤

Author — Rachelle Rusiana


There is no one can understand me truly.
I do not go out and I will keep silence.
Everyone is mania in general.
You don’t have time to sleep.
For to know others.
It’s more complex than how I used to thought.
But already I know.
The start is living life to the end.
Everyone is mania in general.
You don’t have time to sleep.
For to know others.
また 次の不安か?
A disruption and blinder

Author — hate culture


This was the first song I heard from toe, and was blown away. I made myself a goal to see them live - 7 years later they came to my home city (Dublin) and I was up the front, could reach out and touch them. When they played Goodbye, it was probably one of the most mindblowing things I''d even seen and heard. What an amazing experience.

Author — Paul Redmond


At 6:40 the drummer and everyone else loses their shit and leaves their body to travel to some awesome astral plane... Asako-san sees this and is trying not to laugh. What an amazing song, pure brilliance.

Author — BeKinder DesignChateau


Like a lot of people, Goodbye was the first song by Toe I listened to. became one of my favorite songs from the moment I stumbled upon It. Likewise, this became my favorite performance of Goodbye from the moment I watched it. Since then Toe became one of my favorite bands and I cant help but come back to this specific performance just to appreciate the sheer skill and talent that each of the band members had offered individually and the genius of the band all together. My mind was blown by the unmatched beauty math rock has the potential for. Although these days im more familiar with the genre, in many ways it still continues to blow my mind at how skillful and talented some of the creators of Math Rock are, and how amazing their music is. I wish for Toe many years of good fortune and well being for having blessed us all with their amazing art :D and that many more people can come to appreciate the genre like I have. Seeing at how this video has 1.1 million views as of the time im writing this, it seems that wish is becoming a reality !

Also, Here's a small list of mathrock bands I have come to enjoy that other folks might want to check out: ( maybe more people can help add to the list ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

1. Toe
2. American football
3. Chinese football (also xD)
4. Free throw
5. Tricot
6. Delta sleep
7. Covet
8. Chon
9. Elephant gym
10. Totorro

Alright, thanks to anyone who read that. You're a real sport xD ( and must have a great taste in music if you've found yourself at this video ( '<')b ) Likewise, I wish for you good fortune and well being ! Peace ! ✌

Author — 판다


Me lembrou Hurtmold
Tiago "Morales" Santana. Thanks

Author — Vijay Krsna Das


Hope this masterpiece video will not be deleted like the other one

Author — Prasetya


Já havia escutado antes, mas retornei para uma análise mais profunda graças ao Quadro em Branco

Author — Nanda '-'


"Carai vei" descreve bem essa performance

Author — Sharles Costa


The drummer is almost freaking out, at the end, I love it.

Author — Neai Tuppi


I wish I was rich so I could pay this band to come to Sweden

Author — charlanbarlan


I've felt very alienated and distant from people for most of my life,
but these melodies and harmonies really bring a sense of calm and warmth to me.
Feels less lonely. Thank you Toe.

Author — Ali Awan


There is no one can understand me truly
I don't go out, I will keep silence
Everyone is mania in general
You don't have
To know others

It's more complex than how I used to thought
But already I know
The start is the end
Everyone is mania in general
You don't have time to sleep
For to know others

Umaku todokanai nda
Mata tsugi no fuan ka?
A disruption and blinder
Sono saki wa nai nda

Author — Space Cowboy


Nota se para algum dia eu achar esse comentario de novo

01:34 07/07/2019

Meu nome? Hatilson Santos do Nascimento. O que estou fazendo aqui? Apreciando essa parte boa da vida, e que sensação é essa que essa musica trás, bem que o Henrique do Quadro em branco disse... nossa, como é bom ter essas madrugas para pensar na vida, descobrir coisas novas, espero que quando eu novamente achar esse video seje uma nova pessoa, mais evoluida sabe, tenha novas historias para contar, novas experiencias, não tenho nada para reclamar hoje, tá sendo muito bom essa parte da minha vida, sei que não vai ser sempre assim, espero que não seja, mas sinto que de alguma forma estou pronto para novas fases, e se não tiver, que venha no improvisso, já que é isso o que a vida é, um grande improvisso. Life is Good.

Author — Hatilson Santos


This has been my lullaby for the past year whenever i have trouble relaxing my mind and falling asleep. Thank you for posting.

Author — KMNDRS


The ups and downs of this beautiful art piece is heartfelt and mesmerizing. Glad the composer shared a piece of his soul with this epic.

Author — Rey De Guzman


I discovered this song the moment i needed it the most.

Author — Ice9