Most unusual place in Turkey? | PAMUKKALE THE COTTON CASTLE

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The Turkish town of Pamukkale, which translates as the cotton castle. An amazing natural wonder . We climb the hill & discover magical natural clear blue springs in a unique winter like surrounding.

Travel vlog 313 | Pamukkale Turkey| | Country 30/197


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💬 Comments on the video

Hi Everyone - how unusual is this place !! We've never seen anywhere else like it in the world - have you ? Want to see more of our adventures around Turkey then we've created a playlist so you can find videos you want to watch easily - here it is
Thanks for watching
Chris & Marianne

Author — TREAD the globe


Go to west coast like Ayvalık, Bodrum, İzmir.

Author — oguzsasi


You are so lucky guys to be in Turkey in this pandemic days. You can’t finish to travel even in a year time 😅🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷❤️❤️❤️

Author — Sevgi Teacher


You guys are awesome! You're my favorite channel these days :D

Author — Sorgulayan Organizma


Always love the closing shots in these video’s, I always giggle at them. “Oh... you’re still here !” Great vlogs, all of them 👍👏🤣🚐 Trev

Author — Poshcats Camping


That clear water looks so good to walk in

Author — Angie Beaumont


I went there in the early 90’s, a truly fascinating place

Author — Jeremy Gold


Hi. We love your video's and chuckle at your " oh your still here" bit. Makes us smile everytime. 👍🤣🤣♥️

Author — Anita Bryant


I've been there, it's amazing. Try and go to Ephesus too, fascinating!

Author — Gail Hickman


I was born in a small town at the bottom of Pamukkale. It was more beautiful 30 years ago. Thank you for promoting my country and my city. If your path falls to Antalya again, I would like to welcome you.

Author — Emrah Bingul


I been there it's was magical can't wait to go again...

Author — Susan Genafer


-Görüyorum hocam görüyorum. Üç yüz bin izlenme görüyorum.
-Oğlum saçmalama 10 bin izlenmiş sadece
-Hocaaaam izleyenler yabancı, siz sakince Türklerin keşfetmesini bekleyin.

Author — aziz abdullah balcı


Swimming in Cleopatras pool with the effervescent bubbles clinging to my skin and sitting on an ancient column was the highlight of my visit to the area.Did you try it?

Author — Wendy sinclair


Where have you gone? I'm still here.
Those rocks really did look like snow, even with icicles. 💙❤💙❤💙❤

Author — treac894


Its been an interesting experience to watch this nice review of my hometown while I can't leave the UK:) thank you guys, homesick here.

Author — Özlem D.


Always love "oh, you're still there"

Author — Ann S


Merhaba tatlı insanlar❤️Güney’e devam edicekseniz sıcaklık çok artacak bu mevsimde.Muhteşem yerler saat 10:00 da güneş yakmaya başlar.Bu yüzden sabah erken saatler önemli ve rahatlatır.Öğlen siesta, gölgede.Akşam üzeri güneşin batışını seyredip yeni bir güne başlarsınız akşam 20:00 gibi.Esinti çıkar, hatta o saate denize girin.Çünkü güneş batar ama, batmaz.Bunun dışında öğlen gezecekseniz şemsiye süper oluyor.Evet şemsiye.Çok çok öpüyorum.💐💐💐

Author — Zeynep Yasa


Türiyedeki tanıtım videolarına beğeni atalım

Author — Emre aksakallı


you should have visited the museum inside. you have missed a lot. turn back and visit:)

Author — Af koc


Chris and Marianne, you guys are "amageing". Love the endings but this one left me laughing. Thank you so much for taking us along to this beautiful spot in the world. Journey on, Lovelys!! 🚐😘

Author — Connie Martin