'Weird Al' Yankovic - Sports Song

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"Music video by ""Weird Al"" Yankovic performing Sports Song. (C) 2014 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment"

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This isn't directed at the other football team, it's directed towards other competing marching bands XD

Author — Jenna Williams


I still can't believe the Superbowl chose Katy Perry's cliches over this.

Author — Ben Johnson


More than 2 straight minutes of almost non-stop put-downs, but without a single utterance of profanity, sexuality, or physical harm. Ladies and gents - Weird Al!! XD Always classy, never sane :P

Author — gagejoseph91


When Al finally gets that Superbowl half-time show, this is the song he should play first.

Author — GuanoLad


You can be savage, but you're not Weird Al savage.

Author — Shadow Spector


I still await news of a school marching band using this song... One day

Author — IndyX


Why has Weird Al NOT written a Broadway musical yet? XD

Author — Juan Canales


I genuinely feel that this condenses ever single high school football game in a nutshell.

Author — Babs DeMarco


Everyone who says, "X team should watch this" is severely misunderstanding the point of this song.

Author — Daniel Feldspar


I was in the marching band...i didnt give a damn about the sports in front of me

Author — ThatGiambalvoGuy


The sad thing?
Because this uses lyrics, it'll never be able to be played well on the average gridiron field, as they are both not very acoustic and also the fans are always really loud. Traditional marching band pieces are lyric-less because without microphones, it's almost impossible to make out what is being said. Still want this to be at a Half-time show some day, though.

Author — Finn Underwood


I dare an actual sports team to play this song...

Author — ChainSmoker82


Lol this needs to be a half-time show at the Superbowl..

Author — Steven Lacaze


Why does Bart baker get more subs and views than al? Al puts so much more work into his lyrics. They're funny and thought out. I appreciate him way more.

Author — Kuchikopi


This should be played at every single sports final there is.

Author — dangerouslytalented


Hats with short strings that can't reach under the jaw always make me think "Did someone important in the past wear a hat too small for him, but everybody mistook it for fashion statement and it became popular accidentally? Now everybody wears ugly hats because of that?"

Author — Ghostly


This is the most HONEST football fight song ever written.

Author — David Lafleche


A word from the UK - could we please, please borrow Weird Al for the FA Cup Final sometime?

Author — 72A Exmouth Junction


We band geeks can tell that some of those guys up front were never in a marching band by looking at their feet.

Author — WillyTheComposer


My dad was a band geek. He has verified that this is very accurate

Author — Baxter stein