The HIDDEN TRUTH About Politics | Jordan Peterson

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With the Trump Impeachment trial acquittal, Jordan Peterson gives his thoughts on the current status of politics in the United States. Discover some hidden truths and secrets that you may not know otherwise!

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I love Dr Peterson and will be praying for a full recovery for him.

Author — Aaron Dillard


This man is wise...and people on the far left are celebrating his medical situation and make fun when he sheds a tear. I pray for a speedy recovery for this wise man so he can help more people before it's too late.

Author — MF


Pray for JP
Clean your room
Slay the dragon

Author — mcq31mc


The best way to fix the world is to start by fixing yourself.

Author — Authentic Self Guide


I honestly dont understand how people put Dr. Peterson on the "right" political spectrum. I have heard a lot of his speeches, debates and even read his book. This man is remarkably politically objective. If I had to put him somewhere then it would be right in the middle.

When I was younger I was full on liberal and getting older I switched more to the conservative side so I have seen them both and have "tasted" both sides "ideologies". I know the "intellectual arrogance" of the left just as well as the "darwinistic superiority" of the right. Once you are fully enveloped in those ideas, the other side seems to be just a bunch of "morons". This is sadly true for both sides.

I can see nothing of that in Dr. Peterson. He treats everyone from any side equally. I remember his debate on Political Correctness together with Stephen Fry. Mr. Fry has probably as little in common as it is possible with Dr. Peterson, yet they had no problem standing on the same side and arguing for the same thing without tearing each other apart.

The reason why he is more critical of the left then the right is because of the times we live in. The "right" is considered "evil" because of racism, bigotry, capitalism etc. while the "left" seemingly cant do anything wrong. This is an infantile viewpoint that should have no place in any informed society but yet here we are. Everybody recognizes the atrocities cause by the Nazis who are deemed "radical right", yet nobody seem to mind the even bigger and worse genocide committed by the Communist who should be deemed "radical left". The French Revolution, "by the people for the people", has claimed the lives of many innocent people and even killed its own. How anyone can think that the "left" can not "go wrong" is beyond me.

Dr. Peterson sees no reason to heavily criticize the radical right because the right in general is allready heavily criticized and under surveillance even without him. It is the radical left we should be worried about right now.

Author — Harry Houdini


I love Jordan Peterson. This guy is one of a kind.

Author — Legend


Love listening to Jordan Peterson speak. His books, talks and interviews have had a profound influence in my outlook on life. I wish him a speedy recovery from the recent health issues he's had.

Author — Practical Inspiration


My sadness is as deep as my thoughts he gave me. I pray for a recovery as fast as possible we need him here

Author — Daniel Trinder


A lot of respect for Dr J. Peterson, praying for his recovery.

Author — Sharon Schmeling


Every time I clean my room, I think of JP.

Author — G Embry


There was a time I started thinking that I have known it all and then I discovered Jordan Peterson. So much to learn

Author — Jigyasa


I can’t comprehend how much of a monumental impact Mr Peterson has/is having on the world for good and the benefit to mankind. My hopes goes towards every bean of this guys soul. Be humble be hopeful be here be now ✌️

Author — e amsden


i realy love Jordan Peterson thank you man <3

Author — rachid el idressi


"You think you're right when you do something and it works."

Author — MichelGmusic


Wondering how he is doing... missing his views

Author — Cynthia Cody-Vera


Dr. Peterson has been giving us all his wisdom for so long, he deserves a rest . Before we ask for more we need to devour ALL he's given us - don't miss a word ! About 30 years ago, all the teachers I knew around all the states, I was in Wyoming, took personality profile seminars. We answered hundreds of questions. I wonder if we built the database?

Author — Karin Larsen


I love Jordan peterson his advice and teachings helped me in my darkest times when I thought everything was meaningless. I hope he makes a full recovery.

Author — Youll see it When you belive it


I’m praying for you and your family, Jordan. Your mission is not finished.

Author — Melissa Sweet


Things changed too fast
Entire Societies became destabilized
And Everyone end up not knowing which way is UP...

Author — Arshil Alam1


Dear GOD. I thank you for Mr. Peterson and his family. His contributions to us in these times have been a great blessing of enlightenment.

Author — Rico Cargill