Plane skids off runway at airport in Istanbul

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A plane has skidded off an airport runway in Istanbul, causing the jet to split into three pieces, Turkish media reports.

The country's transport minister Cahit Turhan has said no one has died in the crash at Istanbul's Sabiha Gokcen airport, adding that the incident was the result of a "rough landing".

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No fatalities? Even the planes head came off!

Author — Charlie Bolt


"No fatalities."
2020: It can't be. What went wrong?!

Author — FuntimeGHz


The weather there in Turkey seems very bad right now.Avalanches in the East with people missing and now this plane skidding off the runway and badly damaged.I pray for the people in Turkey.God bless

Author — yola mari


2020 strikes again I hope they are ok!

Author — Ryan Stevenson


Good response I can see. Thx too higher powers that kept them safe, we are all thinking of our Turkish brothers and sisters in a difficult time. GMY

Author — Sevre G. Hopp


“Front windows should not be upside down” hmm, I would have though so, I don’t really like my planes upside down

Author — StandingRBLX


Need longer runway before we loose lives,

Author — Mdu_Ncube 777


That looks absolutely horrifying. Thank goodness there were no fatalities!

Author — Jes Pulido


The year just started and already 3 plane crashes wtf

Author — Ares Deboer


3 people are dead 180 injured and some of these are bad injured include pilots. 😔

Author — Anna Koray


What is happening with Boeing it feels like theirs been so many plane crashes/malfunctions recently

Author — 1st Generation Gaming


Hmmm, nothing like building a giant wall at the end of the runway... 🤪

Author — C.S. Lee


737 wat is going on
Grounded max
Next grounding all 737s!?

Author — The Tuber Kids 2


i bet everyone on board pooped themselves, i know i would

Author — monkeydust100


Came in too fast, landed in last two thirds of the runway, with wet rainy conditions, and a 14 knot tail wind... Pilot error...

Author — Joe Schlotthauer


happened again the same in 2018 with this airline

Author — Bill Bill


Turkey my condolences! with love Russia !

Author — 4747den


i landed on the same flight a month ago in the rain, we skid all over the runway,

Author — dave berry


Sad this happened, but glad nobody died. I hope those affected recover mentally and physically

Author — Miscellaneo


My Turkish friend in from Ismir... 737!! broken in three? why always in 3?

Author — Joss Dionne