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Major storms bring dangerous conditions and cause travel headaches, House Intelligence Committee to vote this week on impeachment report, and how bots could spoil Cyber Monday shopping.

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1:53 Deadly Storm Brings Snow And Ice For Holiday Travel
4:21 Thousands Of Flights Delayed Or Cancelled By Storm
7:30 Key Impeachment Vote This Week In House
9:31 Mass Shooting In New Orleans Injures 10
9:54 Manhunt For Teen Fugitives, Including 2 Accused Of Murder
11:28 London Bridge Terror Victims Identified
11:48 Statue Unveiled For Civil Rights Icon Rosa Parks
12:41 Lori Loughlin's Daughter Breaks Her Silence
14:46 Shootout Near U.S. Border Kills 21 In Mexico
15:08 Police Stop Man From Lighting Himself On Fire
15:35 Cyber Monday Deals Kick Off Tonight
16:28 'Grinch Bots' Could Steal Cyber Monday Deals

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good man for saving that little girls life....bravo...

Author — Bea FreeAll


Yes people it's winter, you should be prepared it comes ever year. Be safe don't travel if you really don't need to go. Get to know your neighbors, you might need each other !

Author — johann rüstmann


Moral of the story: when you're wealthy you can get away with everything.

Author — YD Schools


Who flew an airplane during a winter storm watch killing 9 ugh with Children omg really?

Author — Elaine Bird


Just got done watching the Blizzard of 49, , , this a popcorn fart compared to that snow show.

Author — malcolm clark


okay, we get it. It snowed and causes gridlock. Get a move on please. Yesterday you didn't even mention the stabbing on London bridge...

Author — Jeremy Boulat


Winter storms happening in Winter??? HOW DARE YOU!!

Author — Iben Pishtoff


I'm so happy for little Eleanor, and Mike is an angel!

Author — jon snow


The last story about Mike helping save the little girls life was tearful and God bless him for it. The best story of the night.

Author — Carol Gaskill


Olivia Jade, isn't it nice to be living in a privilege life without any consequences for cheating in life. You know perfectly well what your parents were doing and how you are complacent. I hope your parents go to jail. And, I don't think that you and family are genuinely remorse about the whole thing. You got caught!

Author — JanuaryBlue🕊️


Dont shop with gamestop they cansled my order for no reason and im currently waiting for my money to come back to my card

Author — Boton Jupiter


God's way of saying STAY HOME. Kay Snow❄️❄️ doing weather report 😳🤣

Author — Ronnie Roo


Haha all that for someone that doesn't want to go to college for the right reason she feels bad never worked a day in her life all she does is blog who cares

Author — Brenda Manheimer


That lil girls story made me cry, what an amazing story!💪✌👌
God is good!

Author — Joseph Fonseca


How can a national network news program just focus on weather and inconsequential distraction.

Author — paxwallacejazz


Thank you for the GOOD NEWS at the end 💜 👍 ☮

Author — thinkabout


What a beautiful way to finish the nightly news. #GoDevils

Author — Luisito


Too bad we don’t have modern carry in our hands devices with weather forecasts, alerts and warnings! 🙄

Author — SJ S


"I don't really care about school."

Bet her mom was thrilled to hear that.

Author — Chad Sperandeo


Hopefully those four punks that escaped in Tennessee will end up dead before they can hurt anyone else. It is quite obvious that they are of no value to society.

Author — Confederate Rooster