Mueller completes the Russia probe report

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Mueller completes the Russia probe report4.5
Special counsel Robert Mueller sends his complete report on Trump and Russia to Attorney General Barr; chief White House correspondent John Roberts and chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge report from Washington. #TheFive #FoxNews

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Yes. 34 people charged. And not one had anything to do with COLLUSION with Russia. WITCH HUNT!

Author — Shawn Greene


Hey Juan we didn't need the president to tell us it was a witch hunt. Anyone with a functioning brain knew what it was from the beginning..

Author — Dicky Jones


Thank God, Mr Donald Trump had no collusion with Russia. Love from Indonesia 🇮🇩. I'm Indonesian and love this president so much

Author — Thina Turangan


Now that this Democrat scandal has ended Trump can now do his job without obstruction and start arresting Democrats for real treason!

Author — Yisroel Katz


Sorry, I couldn't watch Juan more than 10 seconds.

Author — FUBAR


hey Juan apologize to us and America!

Author — In touch


Socialism is our greatest threat! Not Russia.

Author — Fr Louie Goad


I almost down voted because this video starts off with Juan.

Author — Justin .Credible


How to protect US elections? Make sure US citizens only are voting!

Author — Philip Baccus


I can't watch this man deliver the news. Juan needs to go.

Author — Julia Tillman


Fire Juan Williams. Make Fox AmericaFIRST For Once!

Author — Jonathan Ferguson


The next Mueller report should be an actual investigation on Mueller.

Author — Nate Andrews


Secure our election process with National voter id.

Author — OG Herefano


CNN will have to answer for the huge role they played in the failed Coup pushing this fake story for three years

Author — Delage Eric


This, in a nutshell, is whats wrong with the LEFT~ they wanna raise the age to buy a gun from 18 to 21 .... b/c of immaturity. But lower the age to vote from 18 to

Author — simon daughtry


Smell that? That's the odor of liberal hair on fire. Priceless. LMAO

Author — Smokey Doke


And his report will be blah blah nothing! Awww liberal tears taste delicious 😋

Author — Elkjaer Delemos


But I thought Schiff had "proof"?

Author — Douglas Burch


Juan's an embarrassment to FOX. Jeanine PIRRO is Fox's HERO! BRING HER BACK!!!

Author — Rosemary Storm


Thank you mueller for making yourself and the rest of the democrats look even stupider

Author — Bail 10k