CNN went undercover in Venezuela. Here's why people are in the streets

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CNN went undercover in Venezuela. Here's why people are in the streets3.5
CNN's Nick Paton Walsh goes inside the deepening crisis in Venezuela to capture the desperation gripping the nation that could lead to political change.

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🤔How the hell did you go undercover in Venezuela with the whitest British non Spanish speaking man you can find!? 🤭

Author — MFVEGAS


CNN, The Most Trusted Name In Fake News.

Author — Michel Granger


i cant trust CNN no matter how objective it can be....these people can change their narrative at anytime

Author — neil nelson


CNN makes me want to throw up. How stupid do they think we are?

Author — cresco100


What kind of "journalist" is this!
He interviews the opposition only. War cheerleader. Go to skid row in U.S they eating garbage too.

Author — greenemerald1234


Those guys who protest doesnt look so hungry

Author — mail 2


As always Dictators keep their power with generals and citizens disarmed!!
That's why this would never happen in America because the citizens are armed to the teeth!!

Author — Justice Warrior


Iraq Lydia Syria Nicaragua Honduras etc
How did western democracy help?

Author — Fusena Habib


CNN promotes Socialism and degeneracy daily and then wonders why people hate journalists and laugh when they end up dead.

Author — Rake Steele


Socialism at work! This is what the dems want for America!

Author — Joe Tatone


"""we need a General to flip""" The people in Venezuela don't speak like that, that was clearly a USA PUPPET in the rear. The Iragi war made CNN what it is today, go figure.

Author — Monarchial Entertainment, Barbados.


Remember who put the communist Maduro in power, Obama with the support of Hollywood too!

Author — davids11131113


Yemen is starving send the aid there. Or maybe to the 4000 columbians who's homes just got flooded.
Maybe give some to the opposition cos they must be tired after all that petrol bomb and rock throwing.

Author — carnagous mc


The usa have now for more then 10 years santion venezuela.
CNN dont tell you this.
They are so hypocrit.

Author — Goy Tamso


The Venezuelans voted for Communist Government. They should stay and fight for their rights instead of escaping to other counties.

Author — spike90610


I doubt anything CNN says about Venezuela is true. FAKE NEWS! If we want to help Venezuela let’s lift sanctions and allow medicine and humanitarian aid into the country.

Author — 11th World Productions


we want USA military intervention now, strategic bombing to venezuela military bases and the destroy of their military infraestructure and airforce and all the goverment will collapse, 90 % of people in venezuela hates maduro and no hungry soldier will fight for him, Colombia could do the invasion once their airforce and anti-aircraft systems have been destroyed

Author — LL M


He said “State handouts bought their loyalty for years.”
That means they relied on the system and it turned upside down on them. This is what happens when you become too reliant on another hand to feed and clothe you. Sounds like America and the dems.

Author — pc cc


its a socialist country with a corrupt government.. socialusm doesnt work

Author — geoffrey collins


Down with the yankee war mongers. Long live the Bolivarian revolution.

Author — john gillon