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In honour of Dominic Cummings being absolutely idiotic, here are some of his colleagues, also being absolutely idiotic. Featuring all your favourites such as Michael Gove and Matt Hancock.

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“who lets their dad do their job”
welll, jack whitehall

Author — lclrbts


Alternate title:
Politicians Being Absolute Politicians.

Author — New Message


People in the comments are really pressed that a _comedian_ includes his _opinions_ in his sketches. He’s not a BBC journalist or reporter, he’s not required to remain impartial.

Author — Isabel Kate


Russel would be the best dad ever he’s funny and he’s not afraid to speak his mind

Author — Ben mackarel


Daily covid updates but read by Russell and his queen Liz impression.

Author — Zak Estill


This could be the start of a new series. Not like there isn’t enough footage 😂

Author — Dan _04_g


That 'I agree with Piers' moment has happened DOZENS of times recently. I don't know what's happened to him but he's spitting pure truth lately.

Author — Jak Lawrence


Gove, 'a man who looks like he's having a permanent rectal exam.'
Yep 😂😂😂

Author — SkyEcho


Only Boris Johnson would be so dedicated to food that his disease danger chart was just the nandos peri-ometer

Author — Disgruntled Welsh


It really does make you feel dirty when you actually agree with what Piers is saying

Author — Christine C


little did we know just how bad they actually would turn out to be

Author — imedi


Right. That's it. We need a special effects guy to add Russel Howard's mother into every episode of Luther. We'll add her in just like George Lucas added unnecessary CGI to the Star Wars Original Trilogy.

Author — Bobby Ranger


"How can we trust Matt Hancock with the NHS" Russell predicted the words of a nation

Author — Aaron George


I got really scared when Russel said “this is a sh*t”

Author — Kieran Chung


I find myself agreeing with piers also at these time, I should be ashamed. Maybe I am getting to old

Author — Paul Borthwick


The only thing keeping me going during Quarantine... Rewatching the Russell Howard Hour 💕

Author — Sakina Sayed


*Remembering when Brexit was a problem*

Author — Madeleine Swann


our country has just gone completely down hill because we have idiots in parliament being paid 75k who just ruin everything

Author — 1000 Kelvin


Russel doing the part when he was acting as his mum
His father in the back

Author — eoghan sumner


I cannot get enough of Russel, he just sheds so much humour on these subjects at this time is a well needed break! thank you and *we love your T-shirts lol*

Author — Rhylli Haire