Tulsi Gabbard to Americans: War with Iran would be devastating

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Tulsi Gabbard to Americans: War with Iran would be devastating4.5
2020 hopeful and Hawaii Democrat Rep. Tulsi Gabbard says the Trump Administration's decision to pull out of the Iran Nuclear Deal did more harm than good on the path towards military conflict in the region. #AmericasNewsroom #FoxNews

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US: im gonna hit you
IRAN: if you do that i will hit you back.

Author — Jacky Chan


I m an Afghan war survivor I can tell you. Instead of U.S funding wars in Afghanistan or Iraq they should take care of its own citizens.

Author — Rahimzai


Thank you FOX News for giving Tulsi Gabbard the air time! She's the only Democratic Candidate with any sense at all.

Author — Jim Notitsbusiness


The mainstream media doesn't want you to see candidates like this

Author — Sbeve Yeeve


You've got to love how the democrats use phrases like, "I pray for the president" while trying to remove the phrase "in god we trust". Makes no sense just like the demorats!!

Author — Ian Bailey


Any war is devastating, trust me I served in one and the only folks calling for it are ones that have not and never served.

Author — Arathor82


Tulsi is the only candidate that makes sense. She is a combat veteran. All the rest are modern day
draft dodgers.

Author — Terry Fitzgerald


Best candidate I've seen...Speaks truth to the madness...I wish her success...

Author — Shawn David Clare


Well, let's see: We spent $4 trillion in Iraq. So maybe 5 or 6 trillion for Iran. That should nicely line the pockets of Pompeo and Bolton.

Author — geoff dearth


Tulsi Gabbard is the new president of USA. She has the brain necessary to rule all the different persons in the country and international. Wait and see. She will get the votes.

Author — Tradeinmercosur Eho


Tulsi Gabbard disappeared from mainstream media after she came out as an anti-interventionalist. The war hawks in power will make sure she stays low in the polls

Author — Vidal Anthony


Both the left and the right are tired of regime change war, we will not stand for it in 2020

Author — dandagod official


Thank you FOX NEWS for giving Tulsi Gabbard some news time. The Demonocratic Party is scared of her, and that tells me she is good !

Author — Pam Kossin


I LOVE that she isn't afraid to say, "I'm sorry, I don't understand your question" instead of just spewing B.S. talking points. That's why I donated to Tulsi's campaign to get her into the next debate. @​

Author — HonestJohnnyRevues


Who is pushing us towards war??. Israel.

Author — SHADY MAN


If all Democrats were like Tulsi, I would have more respect for them and their voters

Author — Tim Trial


Tulsi, keep a tulsi tree plant in your house for good luck 👍👍💐💐💐.

Author — Khalil Miah


As a moderate conservative I like this candidate. Service above self. Good for her going to Fox News.

Author — David Christensen


She is Coding Bangladeshi🇧🇩X Prime Minster
Of the ppl By the ppl For the ppl

Author — Redback Shanto’s


I hv a lot of respect for Tulsi Gabbard.She makes sense. She has first hand experience of war. You hv to respect what she says.

Author — K Hunigan