Bahamas Residents Chest-Deep in Hurricane Dorian Flood Waters

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Bahamas Residents Chest-Deep in Hurricane Dorian Flood Waters4.5
Residents in Freeport, Bahamas have fled their flooded homes to seek higher ground, Tuesday, September 3 as the island nation continues to feel the devastating effects of Hurricane Dorian.

In this footage, Tim Aylen, a Bahamian journalist working with The Associated Press, along with his daughter, Julia Aylen, and their dogs waded through chest-deep water to find a safer place to stay.

United Nations officials estimate more than 60,000 people in the northwest Bahamas will need food following the catastrophic natural disaster left from Hurricane Dorian.

A spokesman for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies said Tuesday about 45% of homes in Grand Bahama and Abaco were severely damaged or destroyed.

👉 Hurricane Dorian relentlessly battered Grand Bahama Island on Tuesday, even as the powerful storm began to edge closer to the mainland U.S. in the southern state of Florida.

Dorian, packing sustained winds of 175 kilometers an hour with higher gusts, was classified as a Category 2 storm, diminished from when it first slammed into the Bahamas as a most dangerous Category 5 hurricane and stalled over the popular vacation mecca. At the same time, however, the U.S. National Hurricane Center said the storm is growing larger.

Forecasters continued to describe Dorian as "extremely dangerous" as it moved northwestward toward the Florida coast at 4 kilometers an hour. Forecasters predicted Dorian would advance "slightly faster" later Tuesday before turning northward along the country's eastern seaboard by Wednesday night.

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THAT's my good friend and colleague Tim Aylen and his family.... Thank God they are ok!!!

Author — Lindsay Knowles


Bless your hearts for taking the dogs with you. I hope you are all okay.

Author — Summer Snow


Take care people :( I'm really worry about You :( Greetings from Polen

Author — Waco Meister


I agree with someone here that every home should have Life jackets in The Bahamas from now on. It would keep them from sinking if they begin to get tired.

Author — papa pie


When she looks back at the house right after she hands the dog to the guy I started to cry.

Author — Meeko Roti


No one lost a dog he picked up the dog from her.
read the description if your confused about the rest.

Author — Because it's current year


thank God you and your dogs got out alive!

Author — Cameron


God bless you for making sure your dogs were ok.

Author — t mac


It's always the same, it's when you start to become really afraid of death that you learn to appreciate life.

Author — Niccolo Machiavelli


The Major Cruze Lines That make frequent stops to the Bahamas need to pony up with 20 to 30 Cruze Line ships 🛳 to house people that are left homeless by this storms wrath.

Then any effort to rebuild dwellings shoul only be done out of 💯 percent Concrete and no living space in those dwellings should be no lower than 20 feet above high tide sea level.
If need be the first floor of any structure should be parking space only.

Learn from tragedy, don’t repeat it like dummies. All coastal building codes should be this stringent.

These storms case billions of metric tons of pure garbage and chemicals washing into oceans.

Author — Petere Poet


The look on that ladies face says it all.

Author — Rosemarie Plant


God bless them for caring about their pets in such a difficult situation.

Author — Brooke Young


We must clean out our closets. The beautiful people of the majestic islands affected will need everything we take for granted. Beyond the immediate need for food and water, they're going to need clothes, shoes, sheets, blankets, pillows, tents, tarps, buckets to collect rain water, hygiene products, and all of the items we take for granted every day. Most Islanders are working poor in the tourism and service industry. Meaning they need more help than others who have savings to get them through until the islands are open for business again. Those who fish, no longer have a motor or equipment. That's if their boat wasn't washed away. Those who drive minibus/van tour, no longer have a functioning minibus/van. Those who do have a functional minibus, have no customers. Those working in resorts may not have any work. If they are working to help clean the resorts, they're not getting any tips to help supplement their low wages, etc, etc, etc...

They'll need help beyond the first few weeks. Some will flee to other islands to seek work. However, few will find work because there are thousands more doing the same.

When donating funds, you must be certain the organization is reputable. Double check they are registered as a non-profit organization before you hand over your hard earned money. Scammer always pounce when calls for aid go out. And each time a disaster strikes, millions of dollars are lost to these scams. You don't want to fund a luxurious life for a crook. If you receive a call from someone collecting funds for relief efforts ask for their website and non-profit status. Never give your credit card info to callers. Take down their website and verify they are a real organization. If you're able to verify they are a legitimate aid organization, you can donate on their website. Before donating online ensure the website is encrypted. Look for the green colored "HTTPS" at the beginning of the website address. If the "s" is missing the website is not encrypted. Never provide credit card or personal information on any website that is not encrypted. Meaning a website with http//www is not encrypted. Therefore the "http" will not be green. The "http" will either be black. Or it'll be red if others have flagged the site as suspicious or a scam. Anytime you see the "http" in red, immediately leave the site and use your antivirus software to scan for spyware, virus, and malware. Only websites with "https//www" are encrypted. The "https" will be green. We all know green is go. If you ever need to make a payment on a website that is not encrypted (paying a medical bill or payments to some other small business you have a relationship with) use PayPal or similar payment services that do not give your personal information to the website. What PayPal does for you, behind the scenes, is provide a one time code for the website to receive payment from the card or account you have listed on the encrypted PayPal website. Many credit cards, banks, and other online payment processing services now provide a similar service to help keep your card numbers safe from bad websites. Some which are a near identical clone of legitimate websites. Hence the need to verify the green "https". Check the website of your credit card or bank for instructions on how to recieve a one time code to make purchases, donations, or payments online.

To recap, do NOT give credit card, debit card, or bank account information to anyone calling and asking for donations.


Author — Cameron Hollis


I will pray for you I hope that you are ok and the flood goes away I feel bad for the dogs and you god bless you and your dog 🐶 I hope you find shelter

Author — Camyla Cisneros


This is so heartbreaking to see anyone go through this 😟Sending 🙏from Palm beach county, Florida to everyone affected by this hurricane

Author — Teria B.


God bless you 🙏 my heart and soul goes out to all affected by this hellacious storm 😢

Author — Gerald DiAngelo


Yes girl, hold on to your pups, hold on, don't let go, , get to safety
God bless u all, have mercy lord.

Author — Dd Nn


Bahamas Residents Chest - Deet- Deep in Hurricane Dorian Flood Waters ( Greetings from polen

Author — Arthur Giorgo


She looks like she just escaped from Little St. James Island.

Author — Unfree Speech


Our prayers are with you. Thank you for rescuing these folks and their beautiful pups!

Author — Lu Treks