Arguing and hiding money? let get real about managing finances in a relationship

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Mikes financial moto: “Act broke and stack notes” 😂🔥

Author — Frances Onyinah


Things to take away from the video
1. Even if you're not broke, act broke
2. Try to avoid shopping for luxury, shop thrift
3. Talk about finances to partner on a weekly to monthly basis
4. Pay bills equally as a couple
5. For your marriage to work long term you need to be transparent about your finances
6. Be open and honest with your partner about money
7. What matters to you about money? Do you both have the same desire from a life's prospective?
8. Come to a healthy agreement with your money as a couple
9. Be fair
10. Have a financial goal, talk and share about them
11. Talk and share if you're going to make large purchases
12. Use a budgeter or a tracker
13. Remember you're a team

Author — NYANBA


This is such a success story. The wealthiest people are actually quite frugal. Love your journey.

Author — Thrive With Boma


I bought you chicken and rice...so that you could cook it 😂 Michael is African

Author — Linda Kandha


Michael needs to come back on The Break and discuss investing! He's clearly intelligent and practical with his decision making when it comes to investing, and so many people want to start but don't know where to throw the first stone. Great episode!

Author — Sophie Ellis


Damn get u a man like Mike hey, He was not broke but acted broke. Wow. He had a vision and came to pass!!

Author — Emilian Chux


Patricia, could you do a "what would Patricia do?" where you put yourself in the shoes of someone/couple living with very low income (minimum wage), touching on how you should spend money on (rent, food, leisure..) and eventually to grow financially

Author — Iany Gayo


There is nothing wrong with living below your means. I do believe that when you learn to save young, it becomes a way of life.

Author — Velicia Williams


I'm a 20 year old that's not even in a relationship but I sat and watched and enjoyed the full video . Love you guys

Author — N.E.R.D


“I like to buy you stuff... like... rice” 😩😭😂😂 Michael ffs 😂

Author — S RJ


Mike: "I don't cherish things, i cherish experiences" *here's a fist bump for that* Kindred Spirit.

Author — Waleochronicles


The way you look at him says alot about the chemistry between you guys😍



This relationship is so healthy, to be so open and honest money-wise is refreshing.

Author — Melanin Obsession


You don’t have to be broke to thrift. You say it but you’re not owning it. I worked for wealthy people who could literally buy anything but didn’t find anything fulfilling about materialistic things. She would go to consignment shops and thrift shops and she absolutely loved it. She was very much into saving the planet. An environmentalist. So she didn’t believe in littering the Earth with stuff. She didn’t even drive she would ride a bike and mass transportation. She’d recycle everything. Had a beautiful eclectic apartment just filled with thrifted and hand made things. Her apartment just told a story of who she was through all her secondhand finds. Just a work of art!! She passed away at 84 several years ago but she was such a moral citizen, she even left me money in her will.

Author — S P


Instead of "secret" bank accounts, my husband and I have fun funds which we put a certain amount into each month. That way I can buy more brunch than he ever would, and he can buy more tech than I would - no judgment!

Author — 83meredith


A joint account is good for shared bills only

Author — Mariela Que


This content is gold. Any chance for a part 2 with tips on how and where to invest.

Author — Simply Ika


As a newlywed (6months married), this video is relevant right now. We are just figuring out how to manage our money together. I'm not the saving type while my hubby is very responsible with money (he's also 8years older). I just finished school and started my first real job a few months ago at 30. I'm really trying to become financially literate, saving money so we can purchase a home in 3-4years. Thank you so much Patricia for your invaluable perspective. I've been following you for years and love the depth you are bringing to your channel. Keep thriving in all aspects of your life inchaAllah and inspiring women around the world. Much Love!

Author — djenebadiallo


Joint accounts: All of our bills are auto paid and it is easier having all the bills registered on the same account, instead of having some on mine and some on his. But we still have our own separate accounts.

Author — Jasmina


people need to have healthy conversation about money, and stop dodging it

Author — Awom Kenneth